There's A Ladybug On My Bento! :-)

Here I am again with another bento post. :-)

These were what I prepared for hubby's bento baon (breakfast and lunch) last week. I only had to prepare for three days because the remaining two days, he was at their former office building in Pioneer St.. He didn't have to bring baon there.

Anyway, he was at their eco-friendly and if I may say again, very posh (-- sayang, di ko na inabutan when I was still employed there, inggit mode nang very very light na naman, haha! Pero like I always say, that's okay. I'm more than happy naman being a SAHM.)  new office building in Bonifacio Global City for three days so here's what I prepared for him. This isn't much. As always, these are just simple meals that I made into very simple (o)bento.

  • Egg sandwiches
  • Pork Adobo, boiled egg, and apples

  • Egg Omelet with onions, papaya balls, and burger patties (Sadly, I still don't have any baran or silicon holder to separate the papaya balls from the egg omelet so I improvised with a small piece of paper kitchen towel. Haha! So far, it worked. )
  • Pancit canton, carrot sticks, boiled egg, and sandwiches (pressed using a pastry puff/dumpling maker)
  • Banana

  • Spiral-shaped cheesedogs (I actually don't have a skewer to make the spiral cheesedogs so I had to improvise and used 8 pieces of toothpicks. I inserted 4 on each end and cut the spiral on the cheesedogs. It worked just fine. The next time I made these, I made use naman of chop sticks. If I knew we had chopsticks pala, I should have used it the first time. It was a bit of a challenge to use toothpicks eh. Hihi! )
  • Tamagoyaki (I just love making tamagoyaki! )
  • A lady bug! (Hahaha, no! I made the lady bug out of a slice of tomato and nori wrapper. I cut the nori manually and just put it on top of the tomato to make it look like a lady bug. I was so happy with the result. It made the simple meal look so cute! I'll make more of these again next time! )  
  • Chicken curry, cucumber on the side
  • Banana
So, that's it. I know these are way too simple compared to those I see on the web but I'm still learning so pagpasensyahan niyo na po. We went to Saizen Trinoma again the other week but unfortunately, they still don't have the bento accessories I was looking for. I hope I could visit Saizen at Robinson's Galleria.

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  1. that's a labor of love :) hubby must have been amused at the cute ladybug.

  2. Hahaha ang cute lang nung lady bug! Just try to find yung mga molders para cute shape ng rice, etc. :D

  3. OMG! ang ganda ng food presentation. can you make me some baon as well? hehe. no doubt the hubby appreciated your labor of love. i'd look forward to eating my baon as well with that presentation.

  4. Your pabaon naman is so sweet sis. I'm thankful my husband comes home during lunch time, but unfortunately since we leave with my monster-in-law, este mother in law eh she does all the cooking.

    1. hehehehe.. Adik ka Jhari. Malaman yan ng MIL mo :-p

  5. That is so sweet... I'm sure hubby will appreciate that and the lady bug is super CUTE!:)

  6. wow! i love your presentation.. i'd be happy to eat this if it were mine :) and the time you spent to prepare this certainly takes time. ang galing!

  7. Sarap naman magbaon pag ganyan hehe. I've been blessed with my guy's cooking these past three days na naka off sya. hehe. Nakapagbaon pa ko ng ulam last night. Hihi

  8. OMG I envy you. You got time to prepare bento pa.. How I wish I can do that!

  9. You are one loving wife :D... I also want to make bento kaso una wala naman akong accessories, kahit pang shape ng mga gulay ang hirap mag hanap dito. Pangalawa, walang nagbabaon. Lagi kaming magkakasama the whole day :D

  10. Really very creative with the lady bug :-) I agree, labor of love talaga. It shows how much you care and make everything special, even if it's just baon.


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