More About Trev's Jollibee Spaghetti Moments

Lately, I have been posting quite a number of Jollibee features. Well, that's simply because my son just loves Jollibee Spaghetti! We almost always eat our lunch there everytime we're out. Trev always gets excited and giddy once he sees that we're going to Jollibee. I love the look on his face and the sparkle on his eyes whenever he sees his yummy spaghetti. Last week, we went somewhere again and since Jollibee is nearby the place we're at, we had our lunch there na rin.

Sorry for the photo overload, I just got carried away because I really love Trev's reaction on these pictures and I wanted to record it here in my blog. :-)

Okay, I'll start the photo story na. :-)

Waiting for his spaghetti. Excited. :-)

Yey, finally!


Spaghetti overload for us!

Nanay: Open your mouth, anak. :-)

Trev: Nom nom nom!

Natigilan because he saw a big truck passed by. He loves trucks!

Back to his lunch. :-)

Unahan silang mag-tatay. :-)

Trev: Tatay, yummy spaghetti noh?

Nanay: Anak, picture muna tayo, sa camera ang tingin, wag sa spaghetti! (Haha, here we go again, remember this post?)

Happy baby, happy Nanay. Busog na!

Pasyal mode na ulit.

Okay, that's it, pancit! Til next time! :-)


  1. He looks so happy eating the spaghetti. Jollibee spaghetti is delish.

  2. I love your cute photos and your son looks so content and happy. I loved spaghetti as a child as it was a fun food to eat. Your pictures were great and took us through an entire feeding. Good job and pretty blue dress! ;-)


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