(O)Bento Baon

Honestly, I'm not even sure if you can call these as (o)bento. I'm still in the process of learning but so far, I am enjoying every bit of it.

Preparing for Allan's baon has somehow become one of my stress relievers. Thinking about what to prepare for him for his daily baon is exciting, me thinks. And even if it means that I would have to wake up earlier than usual and move like a thief in the night at the kitchen so Trev's sleep won't be disturbed and I could finish Allan's baon agad, it really is a stress reliever for me. Of course, making it a little like (o)bento takes a little bit of work pero sabi nga nila, labor of love. :-)

Anyway, enough of my drama, teehee! Here's what I prepared for his baon (breakfast and lunch) for the past two weeks. There were two holidays the past weeks so 8 lang yan. :-)

(O)Bento Baon

Scrambled Egg Sandwich
Burger Mushroom Steak With Carrot Sticks & Broccoli

Ham Sandwiches, Tamagoyaki, Flower-Shaped Ham with Cheese Sticks Filling, & Apple slices (Cheese Sticks also used as Baran to separate the ham and the Tamagoyaki
Fried Chicken Wings with Carrots & Baguio Beans

Sunny Side Up, Meat Loaf & Sayote
Corned Beef Omelet & Sayote

Tuna Omelet, Chicken Franks, Carrot Sticks & Baguio Beans
Pork Adobo, Boiled Egg, Carrot Sticks & Baguio Beans

(O)Bento Baon

Burger Sandwiches
Pork Binagoongan with Cucumber on the side

Cheese Sandwiches (I made use of the pastry puff maker/dumpling maker to press the sandwiches), Ham bits on a bed of scrambled eggs
Corned Beef with potato & Cucumber on the side

Tuna Sandwiches
Chicken Afritada with Cucumber on the side

Sunny Side Up, Meat Loaf & Okra
Burger Patties, Corned Beef Omelet, & Buttered Corn/Carrots

There you go! I'm still in the process of searching what other baons I could prepare that I could also turn into an (o)bento. Also, I actually do not have any (o)bento accessories like food picks and baran, so I'm improvising with tooth picks and cheese sticks. Hihi! Currently, I only have the pastry puff maker (Which was actually in our kitchen for quite a while now. I only found good use of it now that I'm starting to like (o)bento) and  some small veggie cutters. I have yet to learn so much. But, truly, making (o)bento is a lot of fun! 

And oh! I can't wait til the time comes when I'll also be preparing (o)bento baon for my son Trev. That would be more excting as I'll try my very best to make cute and fun characters and faces out of his baon. I hope he will like it, too! :-)


  1. those are yummy baon's.. my son would love to have a baon like this..

  2. I always bring baon but since I am so tired from work and waking up early the next day is really hard for me, I always end up with processed food. :(

    sana I can work out some time to do things like this. :)

  3. Wow sis! That is so sweet! Honestly I never have tried preparing baon for my husband. Hindi rin naman sya nagbabaon eh. Pati nga baon ko hindi ko ma prepare.. yikes! But will really try pag mag-aaral na rin si baby boy ko.. hehehe

  4. wow sis! Ang galing mo na.. Honestly I never tried preparing baon for my husband, hindi rin kasi nag babaon eh. I hope when the time comes na mag-aaral na rin baby boy, gigising na ako ng maaga to prepare his baon hehehe

  5. I salute you sis :) Sarap naman ng mga baon si Hubby. Kami din nagbabaon pero since we skipped rice anything goes na lang hehe. Anyway, I think I should really try to make our healthy baons na. Kakainspire kasi ito sis. Nakita complete and meals, with veggie, meat and fruits. Nice.

  6. With that baon, lunch would always be a great moment. Sarap!

  7. I packed my hubby's lunch too, I think its so SWEET and I'm sure your hubby so happy to get the baon everyday.. makes their day brighter and sweeter.sarap ng mga luto..kakagutom tuloy.:)

  8. Wow, your family is so lucky to have these baons; delicious, healthy and full of love!

  9. Ay ang sweet! I'm sure your husband looks forward to his baon na everyday. Try mo yung mga Bento tools sa Saizen - biglang gawan si hubby ng bunny rice! :P

  10. You are so thoughtful. I really wish I could have the discipline and talent to make baon boxes for myself and the boyfriend. It would not only be a healthier alternative for us, but also cost-saving. Do share more tips ha. :)


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