Product Review: All Natural Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring

When I was still single, I used to visit Lay Bare and Let's Face It for my ME-time. Usually, I would just go to Let's Face It for facial and eyebrow threading then later on, I also availed of facial hair threading because I have downy fuzz on my upper lip and chin. It was actually fine with me before because it's not very noticeable naman but hubby sometimes teases me so na-conscious naman ako, hahaha! I go naman to Lay Bare for sugar waxing. I am both satisfied with either but sometimes, it gets kinda pricey especially now that I am a stay at home mom. It's important for me to be frugal. So, for now, no Lay Bare nor Let's Face It muna. But it doesn't mean that you can't have ME-time at home. :-)

I'm so glad that I discovered Strip It for my waxing needs. Actually, I have been wanting to buy one for the longest time but I wasn't sure how much it would cost me. I thought it was expensive and hard to use. But, boy, was I wrong. When we went to Trinoma the other week, we went to Sesou to buy Trev some natural insect repellant because we've already emptied his HHN Bug Shield, I saw that they're also selling Strip It. I was surprised to find out that a tub of 100 grams only cost Ph170! Affordable!

Product Review: All Natural Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring
The package comes with the tub of sugar wax of course, a reusable wooded spatula, instruction manual and a big spread of paper used to "strip" the hair and wax.

I tried to use it the other day. At first, I was nervous and thought that I couldn't do it. Like I said, my facial hair (upper lip and chin) is not thick, it's downy. I never planned to shave it so the best thing that I thought would do was to have it threaded at Let's Face It, which actually worked! Now that I'm on a strict budget, I tried waxing it. And what do you know, it worked, too! The pain was so tolerable I hardly felt it. I didn't expect the sugar wax to be able to clean my downy fuzz but it did! Great! Love the result! And I'm guessing that this tub will last me a long time! Tipid talaga! Now, I don't have to shed around Ph300(+-) for a one-time threading session because I could already do it at home. Nice. :-) 

And oh, did I mention that it's all natural, too?

Now, I'm thinking naman if I could make my own DIY sugarwax once I finish this tub. Hmm, we'll see.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored review. I purchased the product featured in this post. All opinions are my own.

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