Red Ribbon's Macaroons For A Cause

Note: Photoloaded

When I started blogging, I never really thought that I would later receive invites to events such as those of product launches, mommy events, and the like. But a few months since I started occupying a small space in the blogosphere, I have been so thankful that some have noticed my simple home (blog) and I have been so blessed to be receiving quite a few invites. (Thank you po!)

I was so happy when I received one last September 18 inviting me to the Red Ribbon's Macaroons For A Cause. The schedule was so perfect! It was on a Saturday (September 21) at 12 noon. The location was at SM The Block, which was just a stone's throw away from our place. The best part was that I could bring along my family with me! Yay! So, Allan, Trev and I went to the event.

From the press release:
"Red Ribbon’s new pastry gives you not only coconut goodness in creamy perfection, but also helps increase the Filipino youth's access to education. Each pack of 10 sells for only PhP 50. For every purchase, P7 will go to the Apl.de.Ap Foundation’s cause of building a public high school."
The goal was to sell 4.2 million packs of Macaroons for a Cause. In our family's own little way, we hope we have helped them in achieving this goal.

Knowing how shy my little boy was, we opted to take a seat at one corner so Trev won't be too afraid of the new environment and the noise. But one of the PRs asked us to be seated at the Media seats since I'm a blogger daw. Ay, ganun pala yun. Sorry po. :-)

Glad that Trev didn't cry and adjusted well at our new seats. Here he was while he's about to enjoy our freebie Red Ribbon snacks.

We were invited to try the Dance Heads Booth for free. I got really excited actually. :-)

Our only family picture at the event. :-P

Thank you for inviting me as one of your guest bloggers! :-)

There were still few very taken seats when we arrived. Wala pa masyado dumadating so while waiting and to keep Trev from getting bored, we wandered around and attempted to try the Dance Heads Booth. Here was Trev and Allan with "Apl.de.Ap". Errr, standee lang pala! :-)

The Dance Heads Booth. It was sooo cute to try it out. We'd love, too. And yes, like I said above, we attempted to try it out. Unfortunately, when we were already seated and the guy started putting on that green fabric on Trev, Trev suddenly cried! Waaaahhh! So, di natuloy. But that's okay. It was still fun. :-)

Trev, after crying. :-P

He was starting to get bored na ata. :-(

We had another attempt at the Dance Heads Booth but to no avail. So we just settled with taking a picture behind them. Trev smiled na. :-)

Happy baby while eating his Red Ribbon Mamon.

The mall show's host. Start na!

That's Apl.de.Ap right there!

When we arrived, wala pa kalaman-laman ang mga seats. When Apl.de.Ap came out, abah, when I looked around, full packed na pala!

He sang I think more or less, 5 songs ata. (Or 6? Waah, I forgot exactly!) All were good. The crowd was very happy, singing and dancing along with him. We actually had videos of his performance but sadly, I couldn't quite upload the vids here. Huhu.

Souvenirs! Trev looked like he's wondering what I was holding. Haha!

They were the lucky winners of the best Dance Heads dance earlier in the program. Their prize, well, a Dance Head showdown with Apl.de.Ap!

After Apl.de.Ap's mini-concert, the dancers came out to teach us the Macaroon Dance. Everybody was excited to learn the new dance craze. (You can watch the dance vid here.) My hubby and Trev danced, too! Yeah, right! I even got Trev's dance on video (using my phone because the digicam died on us, bwuhoo! Just when I was about to video Trev pa naman, Tsk tsk!) but like the other vids, I couldn't upload it here. So sad. :-(

So, here's some pics na lang of Trev dancing his version of the Macaroon Dance. 

And since empty na ang batt ng digicam, I had to resort on using my phone's cam na lang while Trev was dancing. So sorry about the very grainy shots. 

That's it pancit. Sorry, naging photo blog. Parang kulang kasi yung kuwento pag wala yung mga photos. :-P

For more information, I just published the press release of this event here.

Go and have a taste of Red Ribbon's Macaroons. It's yummy and it's only Ph50! Get a taste of its creamy goodness and at the same time, you  get to contribute in helping Filipino youth's access to education.

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  1. Congrats!!! I love Red Ribbon macaroons...interesting that the young kids now are confused with the good old Philippine macaroons and the "new" French macarons!

  2. Congrats!!! I know how you feel, sis! Hindi ko rin akalain mainvite sa mga events na to. My problem is that Yuri doesn't like maingay na environment. Kailangan na natin sila i-train! Hehehe! :D


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