Sumo Onigiri and Tamagoyaki Bento

Eversince I learned how to cook tamagoyaki, I have always been excited to make one for my baby and hubby. (I blogged about how to cook tamagoyaki here.) To make it more interesting, for last week's bento baon, I made a little uhmm, twist(?) with my tamagoyaki. I just went with the flow and didn't actually research about how these were done so I guess they don't look presentable enough because it's all just pa-cham. Yes, short for pachamba chambang luto ng tamagoyaki with a twist! Anyway, hubby said it tasted good naman daw so I'm fine with that. Hihi! 

These are, as always, simple baon for hubby. I'm still in the learning stage until now so pardon the presentation. I just wanted to post it here so I could see my improvement, if there's any. :-P

Rolled Up or Pinwheel Cheese Rolls, Carrot Sticks and Scrambled Eggs
Spaghetti with cheese overload and some sandwiches (pressed using a pastry puff/dumpling maker)

Chicken in oyster sauce, Cucumber (arranged like a flower with carrots), and slices of pears

Sumo Onigiri, Meat Balls, Tamagoyaki with Nori Filling, Cucumber

Usagi Ringo (Apple Bunnies), Longganisa, Fried Eggplant, Tamagoyaki with Ham Filling

Buttered carrots and peas, Tamagoyaki with Nori Wrap

That's it, pancit! Til next time! :-)

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  1. Looks so yummy. So creative. I hope you post more tips in creating these beautiful boxes.

  2. ang sarap! i always look forward to your bento creations. sana someone would actually prepare them for me too. hehe! saya magbaon nito araw-araw.

  3. huhuhu. now im envy! i want my packed lunch to be exactly like that! hehehe

  4. those are yummy baon.. my on will surely love it kung ganito baon nya araw-araw..:-)

  5. looks soooo yummy. sarap naman ng baon na yan! :-)


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