Weekend Bonding + Konting Shopping

I just love weekends! Weekend means more time together with hubby since he doesn't have to go to work. As what we almost always do, since we're just a stone's throw away from SM, we went on a stroll at the mall about two weekends ago (yeah, late post! ;-p) 

The excited little man.

First stop was Kenny Rogers. There were quite a number of places where we can eat our lunch at SM Annex but since it was lunch time, most of them were full already. The only one which were not full was Kenny Rogers. Since we're currently on a tight budget, I was actually thinking twice because as far as I know, meals there are a bit pricey (albeit yummy, in fact I have already mentioned in some previous posts that they're one of my faves and was my cravings when I was still pregnant.) but we had no choice. So, there we went. I scanned the menu board to see if we can order something more affordable. I was surprised to find some quite affordable meals! Not very affordable, considering our budget, but puwede na for a Kenny Rogers lunch.

The spaghetti with chicken and muffin meal was I think Ph130+- while the rice with chicken and muffin was I think Ph100+-. Oh, I hope my memory serves me right. But more or less, it was at that range.

Anak, picture muna before we eat. :-)

I was actually tickling him here because he didn't want to smile. Haha!

Hmm, "masama" na naman ang tingin ng baby ko sa spaghetti! Haha! It's his fave talaga! :-p

Aba, at nagsabwatan pa ang mag-ama sa pagkain ng muffin! Hihi!

Our mandatory family pic. Buti na lang, there's mirror at Kenny Roger's wall. :-P

After lunch, we went strolling again at the main mall of SM North EDSA. Wala talaga actually kaming pupuntahan. We just wanted Trev to enjoy and have fun outside. He did, actually!

He was so giddy and excited when he saw this slide at Toy Kingdom! :-)

Trev's grainy pictures with Optimus Prime. :-)

We were supposed to go home after our quick stroll at SM when I asked Allan if we could go to Trinoma. I wanted to go to Saizen kasi to see if they've replenished their stocks of (o)bento accessories already. We went there but sadly, from the last time I visited them, they still haven't had new stocks. Anyway, I got a few items pa rin naman.

Three packs of Paper Towels (Ph88 for the 3), Asameshi Nori, Vegetable cutters, and a bento lunch box, all for Ph88 each. I have already showed you that bento lunch box in action, in this post.

After our quick Saizen frugal shopping, we went naman to Sesou, still in Trinoma because I had to buy Trev an insect repellant. We've just emptied his Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray (Oil) bottle and I haven't gotten the chance to order a new one yet so I have to substitute with a different brand (but still organic) for now. Dengue is almost everywhere and call me paranoid, but I don't want those pesky mosquitoes near my little boy.

I got the Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray for Trev (Ph185 for a 100 ml bottle). And for yours truly, I also got a Strip It tub (Ph170 for a 100g tub).

Oh, I have yet to write my reviews on the Human Nature Citronella Bug Spray in Oil, the Giga Baby Insect Repellant Spray and the Strip It Sugar Wax. My oh my, daming back logs! Hahaha!

Anyway, that's it for now. I hope to find time to write my reviews soon. Been busy lately with a lot of stuffs. :-S


  1. Before, we used to go to SM Marilao every week after attending mass. But since we are now engaged to our mini-business, once a month na lang ang punta namin ng Mall. tipid..

  2. Your son is growing up looking like you Van. So cute! Uy goodluck on using those strips. That's way more effective than plaque and shaving talaga.

  3. Ang cute ng shirt ni Trev, and he did look very happy to go out :) Okay naman ang Kenny Rogers, it's a healthier alternative pa without costing too much


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