A Fun-Filled Day at The Mom and Me Fun Circuit!

It was indeed a fun-filled experience when we joined the Mom and Me Fun Circuit last October 5. It was some sort of a field trip for all the moms/dads and kids who attended the event. We road a colorful and fun bus at Ortigas where we travelled to our first destination at Mabuhay Restop in Luneta. Our next stop was at KidzArt in Shaw Boulevard and finally we went to Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City.

For several days before the event, I had been suffering from a very bad case of tummy spasm and headache and I felt like that day was one of the worse days (I just brought Kremil-S and some paracetamol for some temporary relief, which sadly didn't take effect by the way), but despite that, I was still so excited as this was my son's first time to join such an activity. 

Since my son doesn't have any playmates at home (well, his only playmates are just us--me and hubby), I was hopeful that with this activity, he'd be able to enjoy and interact with other kids. And as a matter of fact, he did! Yey! At one year and eleven months, I guess he's the youngest kiddo during that day but indeed, all the activities were easily adaptable to all ages and so my little toddler was not left behind. My husband joined us of course, and the three of us had tons of fun!

Here are some photos to show you the fun and educational activities that we had. 

First stop: Mabuhay Restop, Rizal Park

Eco-drumming Workshop with Alfred De Mesa (left, white shirt) and Job Vesh (right, maroon pants).

The kids enjoyed an eco-drumming workshop where they learned the basics of drumming. Different kinds of drums and other instruments were also shown made from PVC pipes, horns, etc. At the picture above, the kids were being taught how to play the drum using regular water bottles.

Trev enjoying one of the drums on display.

He was also given this instrument to play with.

Trev excited to go back to the bus!

All of us. Photo grabbed from the Mom and Me Fanpage.

Second Stop: KidzArt, Shaw Boulevard

Just arrived. Trev just loves that toy dog he found inside the KidzArt room. :-)

Before the kids started doing their picture frame art project, the teacher reminded them with the following:
  • Please work quietly. I think she said that it's okay to talk with their seatmates but they should minimize walking or running around inside the classroom. :-)
  • It does not have to be perfect. 
  • Have fun!
Everybody's busy with their art project. Trev and I were enjoying it, too.

Trev sharing the paints with little Ada. :-)
And tadah! Trev and his finished art project. We are so proud of him! :-)
Although it was me who pasted the shapes, Trev was the one who told me where to put it in and he was also the one who chose which shape to paste. As for the paints, well, he did all of that. He enjoyed it, really!

Trev and I with our prize. :-)

Photo grabbed from Kristn.Com.

After the art activity, the Mom and Me staffs gave away some prizes for the raffle. We were the first to be called and we won a water pump, some citronella mosquito repellent patches and a KidzArt discount card. Weee, happy! Thank you Mom and Me! And to your sponsors, too!

Third Stop: Mind Musem, Bonifacio Global City

Trev wanted to go inside already! :-)

Trev, looking fascinated with Aedi. :-)

Aedi, welcoming us before we headed to watch the 3D showing the beginning of Earth.
That's "Rex"!

Moon and astronaut!

I got curious about these chairs and so I tried to sit on one. :-)

Look at Trev's sparkly eyes as he saw this string-less harp. He was so happy playing with it. Maybe, he's wondering how and where the sound comes from. String-less kasi. Infrared daw sabi ni hubby. :-)

Nagka-family pic din. :-) Photo grabbed from the Mom and Me Fanpage.

Everybody! Photo grabbed from the Mom and Me Fanpage.

Trev loves bubbles so much and it would have been more fun if we were able to experience the bubble show at the Mind Museum but because the traffic was super heavy, all of us missed it since we arrived a little past sunset aboard the bus. Anyway, that's okay as Trev (and I'm sure all the other kids, too) did have the best time ever from all the other activities inside the museum.

Thank you so much Mom and Me for organizing such educational and fun activities for kids (and parents) to enjoy! We sure had a happy time spending the day at the three stops you prepared for us. 

So, mommies and daddies, we invite you to join the Mom and Me Fun Circuit. The event is ongoing every Saturday and Sunday of October. They have a giveaway up for grabs if you want to get in for free. Try the rafflecopter and/or bring your mommy friends with you when you attend the event to get a free ticket.

Entrance passes to this fun-filled bonding experience is at P750, good for 1 mom/dad and 1 child. 

Important Note: October 12 and October 13 activities are postponed to November 9 and 10. Keep updated on this blog and on Mom and Me's Facebook and Twitter accounts for more event details and updates.

Mom and Me Fun Circuit is participated in by The Mind Museum, KidzArt Philippines, Coach and Kids Inc., Center for Culinary Arts Manila, ACTS Dance and Arts and Academy, Mabuhay Restop Travel Café and Museum, Gymboree, Center for Pop and The Picture Company.

This event is also sponsored by Del Monte Fruitastic, Enercal Plus, Bibibons, Crystal Clear, Salad Box, Tiny Buds, Burger Company, Ink Creations, Smart Parenting, Travel Life, kristn.com and wheninmanila.com.

P.S. My special and heartfelt thanks goes to Mommy Maye. Sis, thank you soooo much for the opportunity once again! ♥

More photos at the Joys of A Wife and Mom FB Page. :-)


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  1. Wow! If we ever go to Manila, I'll be sure to note the Mind Museum. Really curious about it and I'm pretty sure my kids will enjoy it. The drumming also looks so much fun.

  2. You are most welcome sis. We will try to hop their colorful bus on November 10 :) Sayang sana we can meet there no. Hehe... I hope Matt will enjoy it too. That will be the first time kasi he will ride a bus, hehe.

    1. Really, sis!? I'm so happy to know na matutuloy na rin kayo! Onga, sayang, It would be nice to see you, Matt and Daddy Allan in person sana! I'm sure Matt will enjoy the activities. Sabi nga ni Ms. MJ, the activities are easily adaptable to all ages, totoo naman kasi kahit sa tingin ko eh si Trev ang pinakabata dun, nag-enoy siya at nakameet ng new playmates. :-)

      Naku, first time ba ni Matt sa bus? Malamang excited na siya noh? Si Trev kada biyahe sa bus, tulog, haha. Gumigising lang pag nasa isang stop na ulit kami. Kaya recharged naman siya. Yun lang ginabi na kami dahil sa traffic. Pero, okay naman, nakauwi naman kami nang matiwasay. Everybody happy!

      Enjoy, sis ha! I'm sure you'll have fun! Take care! :-)

  3. Looks like lots of fun for Trev! and very educational too :)

  4. Wow, this sure looks like a lot of fun!!! :) Those stops are really interesting! Is the Mabuhay Restop in Malate?

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was so much fun. Mabuhay Restop is located inside Rizal Park. :-)

  5. This is what Mommy told me earlier. I think Matt is not the only one excited about this one..Guess who? hahaha..sabi nga nya, pwede na din daw ako sumama as their photographer...Yun ang role ko kaya ako isasama..hahaha...
    Niloloko nga ako ni Mommy na baka mahilo daw ako sa bus. I haven't take bus for more than a year na kasi. hehehe

    1. haha! i;m sure excited ka rin daddy allan! :-) naku, si hubby ko rin photographer, toinks. pero in fairness may pictures din naman sila ni trev.

      talaga? tagal mo na di sakay ng bus. exciting yan. kami kasi sanay sa bus. i'm sure looking forward na kayong tatlo ni mommy maye and matt. :-)

      have fun and take care!

  6. That is one fun event.. Hmmm.. if only meron din ganyan dito sa amin.. :)

  7. Little Trev is such a cutie! This is a great event, perfect for mother-child bonding.

  8. Great experience for Trev and for Mommy! super fun family bonding experience! the photos show it all..:)

  9. family bonding time to the max. i'm glad there are fun-filled activities being organized like this one for parents and kids.

  10. Cool family bonding session..so nice to have activities for both parents and kids together.

  11. Nice family bonding. It is nice to have activities for family.

  12. I always see that Mabuhay Restop when I go jogging on Sundays. :-) I have not gone in there yet.

  13. Huhu ang saya nyo! Inggit ako! Sana may mom-and-baby events din dito sa amin. PS: Problem ko din yung puro adults kalaro ni Yuri. Hindi kasi kami masyadong lumalabas ng bahay. Oh well, di naman siguro kailangan problemahin - for now. :P


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