Criss-cross Pasta and Pinwheel Bento (And A Few Bento Tips)

Allan and I usually wake up at around 4 to 4:30am for him to get ready for work and for me to prepare his baon. Recently, Trev has been waking up in the morning right at the same time. So, making bento was kind of a challenge. Hahaha! You see, we're renting a small apartment, probably just around 20-25 square meters, all is in there already: the kitchen, our single bedroom, the living and dining room, the restroom. Everything's within reach, hihi! And our kitchen is just right beside the bedroom. I always try my best to move as quiet as possible in the kitchen but somehow, I think he can sense that we're awake, so even the slightest sound can wake him. :-P

Anyway, here's what I was able to prepare last week. 

Checked Pasta and Pinwheel Bento

Kare-kare, Konoha Ringo or Apple Leaf (one type of apple cutting technique which I mentioned here), Toasted Sesame Seeds on top of rice. The small container contains the bagoong for the Kare-kare. :-)

Tamagoyaki, Cucumber and Carrot Sticks, Longganisa and Sausages, Toasted Sesame Seeds on top of rice. 

Cheese Overload Tuna Carbonara with Ham Toppings, Ham and Cheese Pinwheels. 

Fried Chicken Fillet, Cherry Tomato and Cucumber Slices, Sesame Seeds on top of rice.

Marble Potato Salad cupped in Pechay Baguio (salad recipe here), Chiffon Cake
Chicken Adobo, Boiled Egg
** Woke up late (blame the alarm, tsk tsk!), so I had to rush and prepared the quickest meal ever! :-P

Some tips based on my experience:
  • I usually prepare some of the food the night before. Like around 10 or 11pm (that's my usual free time kasi). For this week's bento, I fried the ham, sausages and the chicken fillet the night before and just heat it in the microwave in the morning before packing. 
  • As for the Kare-kare, adobo and the like, I cooked them the day before, put it in the fridge and then heat it in the microwave in the morning before packing, too. 
  • I just make freshly cooked rice in the morning. And while I'm waiting for it to cook, I slice fruits and vegetables to be added to the bento.
  • I also cook the tamagoyaki in the morning because it's very easy to do, not to mention very quick, too. Here's how. Besides, I want the tamagoyaki freshly cooked for my husband. If I do it the night before and heat it in the microwave, it tends to become rubbery.

That's it for now.  As I am writing this post, I am actually already thinking what to prepare for tomorrow's bento. :-)

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