Happy Halloween!

We didn't attend any Trick or Treat event this year. Actually, ever since Trev was born (2011), we've never attended any yet. Parang he's too young pa kasi to attend during the previous years eh.

I thought we'd be able to do some trick or treating this year na, but unfortunately, nadah! Maybe, next year. :-)

Anyway, here's a picture of our cute little pumpkin, aka Jack O' Lantern. This was taken last year, during his first birthday photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo SM Megamall. Yes, he was born a few days before Halloween. And since he won't be attending any Trick or Treat that time yet, we thought it would be nice if one of his photo set ups is somewhat Halloween inspired. :-)

He's exactly one year old here. Hmm, "not quite in the mood" but still a cute Jack O' Lantern, me thinks. :-P

This year, we again had a photoshoot for him for his second birthday, but we didn't include a Halloween set up anymore. I'll post about it soon. We'll claim the pictures this weekend. Excited! :-)

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  1. It is nice that you had this picture taken and this has become an annual thing. Looking forward at the new picture.

  2. Oh, Trev is such an adorable kiddo talaga Van. It's nice to see mothers dressing their babies like these. Never had the chance to do this trick or treat costumes with my girls kasi.

  3. ang cute naman. i think it's a nice idea na may photoshoot talaga tuwing birthday niya. at least you get professionally done photos to commemorate the occasion. :)

  4. So cute! Share the new pics soon. I'm really excited for it. ;)

  5. trev look so cute with this outfit...

  6. Trev is so cute.. I'm excited to see the new sets of pictures also.. hehehe

  7. the 5yo daughter of a friend initially enjoyed her first trick-or-treat but got scared when it became dark. she swore never to go trick or treating again. hehe. i guess the monster costumes began to look scarier at night. it's ok for trev not to join yet. he can join when he's a little bigger. :)


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