Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki Bento

Recently, I learned that I can make a tamagoyaki in the shape of a heart. I got so excited that I had to make it and add it in one of the bentos I've been packing for hubby. 

Also, I have finally made my first ever home-made furikake. It's made from grated carrots, sesame seeds and soy sauce. I think I kind of burnt it a bit, though. Hahaha. 

Last week's bento were the following:

Pork and Broccoli (with young corn) in Oyster Sauce, Tamagoyaki and home-made Furikake toppings for the rice.

Burger patties, a boiled egg, steamed broccoli, a small tomato and nori-wrapped onigiri.

Sausages, Steamed Young Corn, Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki and home-made Furikake toppings for the rice.
Pancit Canton, a boiled egg and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Breaded Chicken Fillet, a small tomato, Fried Plantain, Mango Balls, and Nori-wrapped Onigiri.

Pasta Carbonara with cheese overload (just as hubby likes it), Grilled Sandwich, and a boiled egg.

Almost all came with some sandwiches and banana for breakfast. Sandwiches differ each day. Usually, I make an egg sandwich, a ham sandwich, a tuna sandwich, or whatever filling is available in our kitchen. :-)

Making the heart-shaped tamagoyaki is very easy. After cooking the tamagoyaki (recipe here), slice it about an inch thick each. Then get one slice and slice it again diagonally. Reverse one part and attach it again to the other slice. Tadah, instant heart-shaped tamagoyaki! Nice and cute, isn't it? :-)

Heart-Shaped Tamagoykai Bento

I hope I could learn more techniques in making bento baons as I really love doing it already. I've been making bentos for my little guy, too. Next, I hope to learn how to make charabens for the little one. Haha, wish matutunan ko! :-)

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