Make the Switch from Blogger to Wordpress at a Very Affordable Price!

How To Move Your Own Blog To WordPress – Today!

You CAN Make The Switch From Blogger To Wordpress!
  • Frustrated By The Latest Blogger Glitches?
  • Wanting To Take Your Blog To The Next Level Of Financial Success?
  • Decided It’s Time To Make The Switch To WordPress But Don’t Know Where To Start?

This Step-by-Step Transfer Kit Gives You Everything You Need To Transfer From Blogger To WordPress!

Well, first…

Having your blog on your own domain, hosting, and WordPress.org – having REAL control and ownership of your content – are so important when it comes to successful blogging!

So, Rest Assured – If You’re Moving To WordPress, You’re Now Heading Your Blog In The Right Direction!
“But… Can I Really Do This Myself?”

When it comes to making the switch to WordPress, I hear so much about how stressful and overwhelming the whole change seems.
And, I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be!
We’ve helped hundreds of bloggers make the move to WordPress – along with all their posts, pages, comments, subscribers, followers, rankings, etc. – and without all the stress, pain, and hardship you might be thinking is involved!
With This Transfer Kit, You Will Have The Tools and Resources You Need To Actually, Really Move Your Own Blog To WordPress!

This Kit Will Empower YOU To:

  • Know How To Set Up The Best Hosting Option For You!
  • Install WordPress On Your Domain
  • Move Your Blogger Posts, Comments, and Pages To WordPress
  • Move Your Basic Design Elements Such As Sidebar Gadgets, Header Images, etc. To WordPress
  • Move Your RSS Subscribers To Wordpress
  • Redirect Your Blogger Blog To Automatically Forward To Your New WordPress Blog
  • Move All Your Content To WordPress!
  • Not Lose Your RSS Subscribers!
  • Most Blogs Transfer With No Downtime At All!
Your Transfer Kit Contents:
  • 9 comprehensive, step-by-step transfer guides for each and every step of the transfer process (including lots of pictures to make it easier!)
  • A help forum for support if you get stuck at any point
  • Bonus Wordpress helps and tutorials to make adjusting to Wordpress easy
  • A FREE year of web hosting!
PLUS – You’ll have the bragging rights to tell everyone that YOU Moved Your Own Blog To WordPress!

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Blogger To Wordpress Transfer Kit
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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  1. Sayang. We just renewed our domain and added another one, still with Blogger. Maybe we'll try this one next year na lang.

  2. Are you planning to make the switch? If so, do tell us how it goes. I'm kind of put off by the cost though. It's more expensive in Wordpress, from what I know.

  3. I wanted to move to wordpress but I'm not a full time blogger therefore can't afford hosting fee.. :(

  4. I wonder what's in store if I will transfer to wordpress. I feel safe and comfortable na with blogger eh..


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