My Human Heart Nature Loot

Finally! I was able to order my very first loot from Human Heart Nature (HNN) after I became one of their dealers. It was a pretty smooth transaction. Love it! When one of the items that I ordered was not available, one of their staffs called me up a few hours after I placed my orders online. So nice! She happily assisted me in replacing the items not in stock and even helped me in adjusting the discount since the amount of my purchase already reached the next mark (meaning, I got a higher discount na! yey!)

Actually, I purchased this about two weeks ago, and as expected, since I have been very busy, I only got the chance to blog about it today. 

Anyway, here's my HNN haul. I'm so happy with all the items.

Finally, nakita ko rin ang box! :-) It's really so nice that their items are safely contained in this big box.

My loot! Yay! I just love seeing Human Heart Nature items, I don't know why. Stress reliever siguro. Haha! And yes, I even got a tarp! :-)

Since my discount got a little higher, I added that plush mango toy in my cart. I imagined Trev would love it so I instantly got one for him. The other plush toys are also so adorbs but I got one muna (for now) because I wanted to first see the size and quality. So far, I'm satisfied. 

And guess what, I think this little guy is more than satisfied himself, haha! He loves it!

The plush toy's name is Maria Manga. But since my little one is a boy, I'm naming that toy "Mario Mango". Hahaha. Whatuthink? :-P

I've restocked some of my HNN favorites like the Bug Shield, Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid and their baby products. I honestly love Human Heart Nature products. No kidding! Like what I have mentioned before, you not only get the best in natural products, but you also get to help other people as well. Human Heart Nature's vision and mission really deserves a lot of kudos! 

Christmas is just around the corner. Human Heart Nature products would be a good choice to be given as gifts, don't you think so? :-)

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  1. Congratulations for a great selling days and hope you had better selling days to come! It is nice to see one prosper! God bless!

  2. Congrads on being a seller. Hope that it does bring in good income for you :)

  3. Hello sis! I haven't bought any from HHN since last month pa. Super busy naman kasi and I almost forgot selling them. But nag-aalok ulit ako and we will buy our personal needs too within the month. Ilan na discount mo sis, if you don't mind +)

  4. That is an awesome box of loot there! Your little one looks adorable holding Mario Mango. :)


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