My Saizen Loot

So, after our fun time at Kevin's Toys & Library, Allan, Trev and I went straight to Saizen (still in Trinoma) because I wanted to check if they've already replenished their stocks of bento items. I really wanted to add more tools, hihi! 

It was a  happy time for me as they did have a lot of new items. Sadly, they still haven't replenished their food picks though. I found none eh. :-(

Here's my loot. 

Lots of kitchen towels for Ph88 for a pack of 3. I also got Allan a pair of slippers, also Ph88.

And here's my bento tools! Each item is Ph88. Yay, I think I went a little overboard. Hahaha! Okay lang, I'm sure I'd be able to use all these naman especially for Trev's bento. :-)

Bento tools above include the following (clockwise):
  • Bunny-shape rice mold
  • Silicone flower barans (I know, haha! It's so cute kasi. But if they had the regular silicone grass barans, I would have opted to get that versus the flowers.)
  • Nori Puncher (Finally, I've been wanting to get one of these. This item was actually the only one left at the shelf, so I grabbed it immediately upon seeing it. So happy!) 
  • Mini Sushi Roll (I've been wanting to make some rolls for hubby and baby.)
  • Silicone Mat (I'll use this for my DIY Baran Project -- which by the way, I haven't started yet. Huhu, no time. Busy bee pa rin!)
  • Green and yellow silicone cups with cover (Actually, I've only been using the cups sans the cover, but since it came as a set, okay na rin. Maybe I can find some use of the cover later.)
  • Cookie Cutters

Since this is a late post, I've already shown you some of the above items in my previous bento posts. I have yet to use the others though. 

By the way, Trev had fun playing with one of the silicone cups. Look here!

Haha! Napagdiskitahan na naman si Pancho at Teddy. But I think he enjoyed the cups more with Smiley Ball. :-P

Hay, this new found hobby is proving to be really addicting. I'm turning into a bento-addict na! Hmmm, or should I say, bento-ing is becoming to be one of my stress-relievers already. *wink!* But really, I feel happy whenever I make bento for hubby and baby. And I feel happier because they like all the bentos I prepared for them. :-)

Saizen Trinoma Mall Branch is located at the 1st Level, inside True Value, near Mercury Drug.

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  1. Haven't checked out Saizen yet! But I hear a lot of good things about them. :) Hope I could check them out before Christmas!

  2. Hubby and I checked out Japan Home yesterday. Its like Saizen too.. Our main purpose was to get a rectangular shape container that I'll be using on Nov 1 flower arrangement. Next time I get to visit the store I'll surely get the rice mold and the cookie cutter. :)

  3. Saizen is a happy place. I just forgot to visit the place when I was in Manila. Next time.

  4. Ang saya ano! It really feels good when you go shopping and you feel that you got value for your money :)

  5. dahil maganda naman ang overall effect ng bentoing sa family mo, go lang :)

  6. Ha ha! I can see how this can become addictive. Your finds look good. I remember when I had my 99 Cent store moment. I visited regularly and bought all kinds of stuff... Eventually, I got bored. It's all good. :-)

  7. Dami mo nang pam-bento! Mukhang you're really into it na. I know an Instagram account of a Filipina bento-enthusiast, nanaysluncheswithlove. Check it out!


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