One Happy Saturday at Kevin's Toys & Library

Aside from me and hubby, Trev actually has no playmates at home. Kami lang dalawa ni Allan ang kalaro niya. So, we try our best na ilabas siya paminsan minsan para naman may ibang tao siyang nakikita at nakakalaro. The other week (actually about three weeks ago, yeah, late post again, bwuhoo!), Allan said he wants to bring Trev daw to Kevin's Toys & Library in Trinoma. We've been there a few times already, kasi based on our experience, mas okay dun kesa sa ibang indoor playgrounds na nasa loob din ng mall.

Trev was so happy when we were already inside the play area. I haven't even removed his shoes yet and he wanted to go in and play na. Haha!

This car/airplane is new at Kevin's and it's the first one that Trev saw. Excited talaga!

I saw this cute Minion and showed it to him. Naku, look, ikikiss pa ata, hahaha! Kaaliw.

He saw Boots at one of the computer game screens! :-)

Trev loves Barney. Whenever he watches the show and the Barney song plays, he would always come to me (and hubby if he's around) and hug and kiss us. (♪ With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you ♫, -- haha!)

Oh, he enjoyed the ball pool as always! This is one of his favorite spots at Kevin's.

Racing with one of the bigger kids. :-)

Para akong naka-work out sa kakasunod sa kanya. hihi! :-)

He hugged Mr. Bean's Teddy, too. :-)

It was really a fun day and Trev was very happy playing at Kevin's. Yun lang, Kevin's Toys & Library has increased their rates already. Huhu.

One Happy Saturday at Kevin's Toys & Library
Kevin's Toys & Library's new rates. Before the increase, they used to charge only Ph195 during weekdays and Ph200 on weekends. But at least, guardian's rate is still the same at only Ph20. :-)

After the fun time at Kevin's, nagutom ang bagets so we went to KFC to eat. We passed by this train set and Trev had to stop. He loves trains (and other vehicles, too!). 
He wanted to go inside and play with the train, haha!

Snack time at KFC. Amusing thing was, before Trev even finished his food, he got sleepy na, napagod? One moment, he was chewing his food, then the next second, his eyes looked sleepy and his head was bobbing already. Kawawa. Napagod nga.
Favorite pa man din niya yung inorder ni Tatay niya. Spaghetti. :-)

Anyway, he was wide awake again after we went out of KFC. He saw kasi the fountain at Trinoma. He was so amused. Look!

I don't know if you can see it but his shirt says, "No cows for me, I'm a breastfeeding baby." Yes, we're reaching the 24 month mark and we're still very much into it. Hurray to breastfeeding! Thank God for blessing us with liquid gold!

Anyway, we went back inside Trinoma and I asked Allan if we could go and check out Saizen (again). Malay niyo may bagong bento item, hihi! So, off we went. And yes, I got some items, yipee! I'll post my loot next. :-) 

Kevin's Toys & Library is located at Trinoma Mall, 3rd Level, M3

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  1. Nice to have an indoor playing area at the mall..the toys look well maintained.

  2. Sis, Yuri and Trev should meet! Yuri's obsessed with cars, too. I'm pretty sure he'd make a beeline for Trev's car haha. May books ba sa Kevin's Toys and Library? If so, that would be perfect!

  3. if trev enjoyed his stay, the rate is worth it na rin :) h

  4. Play is really the best friend of kids! :D

  5. It's always fulfilling seeing our kiddies so happy, that's why I always make an effort to go the park or do something to make them occupied.. Trev is so adorable!:)

  6. it's nice to see that he didn't throw a tantrum when surrounded by other kids na. usually kasi ganyan yung mga bata na hindi sanay na may ibang kalaro. he looked like he really enjoyed his stay there.

  7. I like that concept, toys and books. Hmm, I wonder kung magwork dito sa probinsya. But that's great, he gets to interact with other kids. I have 3 kids, but it is also better if they go out to play areas outside the home or at the malls, just to have other socialization.

  8. Looks like trev enjoyed a a lot. Nice pictures!

  9. That's a fun place for the kids. They get to play, learn and interact with other kids at the same time.


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