Our Mom and Me Loots (October 5 Event)

Mom and Me gave away lotsa loot bags to all the participants during their Mom and Me Fun Circuit event. They also gave away raffle prizes wherein we were very lucky to win some items. :-)

Here were the contents of the Mom and Me Loot Bags when we joined the event last October 5.

Our Mom and Me Loots (October 5 Event)
Our Mom and Me Loot bag!

It contains different magazines like Smart Parenting! I'm so excited to get my hands on that. As of this writing, I haven't yet, no time. Huhu. There were also leaflets from their sponsors, a Mom and Me pen and some sample products.

Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash and Marvel Citronella Patches

Happy to also receive these samples from Tiny Buds and Marvel Citronella Patches. I have received a sample of Tiny Buds Utensil wash before but I haven't really gotten the chance to purchase yet. So, I'm glad that I got another sample again! 

Meanwhile, I have already tried one of the Marvel Citronella patches on Trev last week. The scent is very much citronella. Glad that these are natural products as well. I'm super happy to receive this, too. You know how paranoid us moms when it comes to insect and mosquito bites. We don't want our kids to get bitten by those pesky insects so even if I am already using the HHN Bug Shield on Trev, I got a citronella patch (Wolverine since that's what Trev wants, hihi!) and stuck it on his shirt. It stayed all day, nice!

The Picture Company and KidzArt vouchers.

Also included in our loot are these vouchers. There's a branch here in SM Annex but we haven't been to The Picture Company before because, honestly, we find Pic-A-Boo more affordable, but if given the chance (and budget :-P), we would love to try a photoshoot at The Picture Company, too. The voucher is applicable at Rockwell, Power Plant Mall only though. Hope we could visit that branch soon so we can make use of our voucher. (Update: We're joining the Mom and Me Fun Circuit again on November 9 and one of the activities is a free photoshoot at The Picture Company! Yey! Excited!)

On the other hand, I wonder when we'll be able to use that voucher from KidzArt. My son really loved the activity they did when we attended the Fun Circuit last time and I'm sure he would love another visit there again. 

Trev with his artwork at KidzArt. We're so proud of you, anak!

Moving on, here naman were our prizes from the raffle.

Drinking Water Pump from Crystal Clear, Marvel Citronella Patches and KidzArt Voucher (Patches and voucher are the same item as above.)
Prizes just received from Mom and Me. Photo Grabbed from www.kristn.com.

So happy with our winnings! I wonder if we'll be lucky again on November 9 when we join the next Mom and Me Fun Circuit event. Wish, hihi! :-)

Again, thank you Mom and Me. Thanks to your sponsors, too!

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  1. Wow, ang dami! You don't only learn from such events, you bring home so much things too :)

  2. Cool event! You got a lot of loot there. :)


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