Product Review: Human Heart Nature Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid

When I was still working and Trev was still using the bottle to drink my expressed breastmilk, I was using a bottle cleanser that has a water-like consistency. Although I love its bubblegum scent and according to its packaging, it also contains natural ingredients, I find it very costly because I tend to use more than the suggested consumption of only around 3-5 pumps (if I remember it correctly). Whenever I wash Trev's bottles during that time, I would use up to around 10 pumps because it doesn't seem to clean enough if I use lesser amount. Then I discovered Baby Clean during one of our visits at Baby Company last year. It was a little bit more affordable than the first cleanser I was using so I decided to try it and bought one. I was amazed because it has a thick consistency and it's very lathery and foamy. I find that it's more cost-effective because it's more concentrated, just a few pumps will clean all of Trev's utensils effectively. The scent is nice, too. 

However, since I learned about Human Heart Nature's Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid, I have always wanted to try it out. Based on reviews, it can also be used to clean baby bottles. Although Trev doesn't use feeding bottles anymore as he is directly breastfeeding from me, I still use bottle cleansers for his bowls and utensils. I personally do not prefer the usual dishwashing liquid we adults use. So, when his Baby Clean Cleanser was almost empty, I decided to buy the HHN Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid when we chanced upon an HHN booth at Trinoma

Product Review: Human Heart Nature Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid

How much? It's very affordable at only Ph169.75 for a 500 ml bottle. The 250 ml bottle costs only Ph99.75. It's such a steal, isn't it? I think the usual baby bottle cleansers out in the market usually sells at Ph200 for a 500 ml bottle.

How's the texture? It has a thick consistency, which I truly like. It's concentrated so all you need is a little amount and it will surely go a long way. It's sudsy too and produces a rich, soapy lather but at the same time, it gets easily rinsed off.

How's the scent? Oh, how I love its citrus scent. Based on the bottle, it has a grapefruit orange scent which by the way, is so fresh and cool. It effectively perks you up too while washing your utensils. The scent stays on but the soapy lather easily gets rinsed off (Oops, I think I mentioned that already. ☺)

How effective is its cleansing power? Based on my experience, it is really effective. It takes away the grease, grime and odor really quickly. Just a few drops of the cleanser is enough. It's sudsy and the lather is just right to leave your dishes and utensils squeaky clean. Not to mention, it doesn't leave your hands dry. Now, who would not love that?

Will you purchase again after you empty your bottle? Yes, as a matter of fact, I just finished ordering online through their website (along with more HHN products!).

Will you recommend it? Yes, absolutely.☺

I guess it's safe to say that I'm officially now a convert. I prefer to use the Tough Love Dishwashing Liquid over the others now.☺

And oh, did I mention that it's 99.97% natural? So, it's gentle and safe not only to us but on Mother Earth, too.

Human Heart Nature is Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment, so by purchasing their products, you are not only guaranteed with satisfaction but you also get to help our country and the environment, too.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored review. Although I am a Human Heart Nature Dealer, I purchased the product featured in this post. All opinions are mine and based from my own experience in using the product.

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  1. This is a product which will make you all thumbs up! I hope I can chance shopping in a Human Nature store.. :)

  2. My mom bought HN products years ago and we were happy to know that the company helps indigenous families by providing work from them. I salute the people behind HN and GK :)

  3. I love my Tough Love, too! Pero bakita ganun, thin and runny ang consistency ng liquid sa akin? Hmmm. Same scent and effectiveness, though!


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