Simple Joys Photo: Trev and his "Dabarkads"

Trev just finished bath time and I left him for a while inside our bedroom to get some stuffs in the kitchen. (Note: Our apartment is pretty small, around 20-25 sqms only, everything is in there already, and the kitchen is right beside the bedroom, I can always throw a quick look at him even when I am at the kitchen.) 

When I came back to him, this was what I saw. He gathered some of his toys beside him and cuddled them. Hahaha! He does this often actually, but with only one or two of his toys lang. Pero, this time, aba, he gathered more! 

His favorite is actually Pacho (brown chipmunk puppet) and Teddy Bear. But he also loves Sab (yellow round dog) and Dino (blue dragon). He always makes Police Car and Lightning McQueen race, too. And oh, he sometimes cuddles Dice (green with yellow dots) because it's so soft.

Kaaliw, parang may pulong (errr, meeting) sa kuwarto namin. Hahaha! :-P

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  1. Hahaha meeting na! Sis, I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Here's the post: http://www.davaomommy.com/2013/10/ive-got-sunshine-award.html

    1. aw, i feel so honored being nominated by you, sis. super thank you talaga!! :-) naku, kailangan ko na talaga hanapan ng oras yan! kaloka kasi nga back logs, hay! hihi! thanks, sis! :-)

  2. Cute. Laki na ni trev.
    Matt used to put beside him his cars. Even in his sleep. He stares at them line-up beside him. He is definitely a car addict already. hehehe

  3. Hahaha! Parang may pulong nga. Nakakatuwa naman at ang ganda ng smile ni Trev. Happy happy with friends hehehe.

  4. Like what Daddy said, Matt nowadays is addicted to cars. He will cry when anyone touch his cars. Kids talaga no, mababaw lang kaligayahan. Look how happy Trev is. And Trev, I am so sure Kuya Matt will envy your McQueen. Hehe...


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