Simple Joys Photo: Trev's "Work of Art": His First Picture Frame

Trev's Picture Frame :-)

I just have to post this again. :-) I can't get over my son's "work of art" when we were at KidzArt courtesy of the Mom and Me Fun Circuit event. Allan and I are just really very proud of Trev. Probably, some might say that it's just some splashes of paint here and there and some shapes pasted everywhere but for me, it's so perfect. My son chose all the shapes and colors and he painted everything all by himself. And he isn't even two years old yet, probably the youngest among all the kids during that day. We're just happy and proud parents. :-)

Trev and pretty Ada. :-)

Aside from that, he met new playmates, too, and they shared paints together. They're so cute, don't you think so? :-)

Trev and his artwork. :-)

We're extremely proud of you, Trev. Tatay and Nanay loves you so much, anak! So much!

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