Trev's Bento Baon at the Mom and Me Fun Circuit

Based from the event guidelines of the Mom and Me Fun Circuit last October 5, we have to have an early lunch and to bring snacks because we'll have so many wonderful and enjoyable things to do the entire afternoon. So, I just decided to pack a bento snack baon for Trev so he can eat while we're inside the bus.

Here's what I prepared for him. 

Top Tier: Seedless grapes, a boiled egg and some whole grain cornflakes which he loves to snack on. 
Bottom Tier: Cheese roll pinwheels, Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich and Chiffon Cake shaped into stars. 

Since one of our stops was The Mind Museum, I figured it would be nice to make some stars and pinwheels because to me, it looks like some parts of the space and galaxy, haha! I know my effort doesn't look like I succeeded in portraying what I wanted but... Oh well, I hope I'll improve soon, errr, sooner! :-P

Anyway, my baby loved it (just as much as he loved the other bentos that I made for him) so I guess, my attempt was worth it after all. Of course, happy nanay na naman ako! ☺

Trev snacking inside the Mom and Me Fun Circuit bus.

We'll be joining the Mom and Me Fun Circuit again on November. Hmm, I wonder what I will prepare next.

And yes, we're joining another Mom and Me Fun Circuit event again next month. That's how we enjoyed the activities, may take two talaga! I'm so excited! :-)

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  1. your kid will surely love the baon..great presentation

  2. Hi Sis! I've become a fan of your bento baon and would like to try one for my K. Thanks for the inspiration. =)

    1. naku, i feel so touched, sis. i'm still learning, too. tara, i-career na natin ito! hihi! go ahead and make one for your kiddo na! magugustuhan niya yan i'm sure! :-)


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