Trev's First Bento

I made Trev his first bento about two weeks ago (late post, bwuhoo!). Anyway, after I finished making my hubby's bento baon one morning, I decided to continue working on the kitchen to make Trev his bento while he's still sound asleep. I've always wanted to make one for him kaso whenever I start my attempt, lagi siyang nagigising, haha!

Anyway, here's the result. 

This isn't much actually. It's just some whole grain cornflakes (he loves to snack on it), peanut butter pinwheels, cheese sandwich shaped like a gingerbread man and some stars. I also added some slices of banana.

When I served it to him that morning, this was his reaction. 

Oh, how he loved it! Namimili pa what shape to eat first. Although, he knows his shapes already, it's also a fun way to train him more since there were spirals, stars, and other shapes pa. Like, I ask him to eat the stars first, he would get a piece of the star-shaped cheese sandwich then he'd pop it into his mouth joyfully. I'm a happy nanay! He finished everything, and bitin pa! So, I made some more. Haha! 

I hope I could find some cute food picks so I can add it to his bento. Since we're a family who loves boiled eggs, I also hope I could find some egg molds soon. I'm sure Trev would be so delighted when he sees his bento adorned with cute food picks and shaped boiled eggs. Oh, I'm so excited!

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  1. That's a cute bento..And Trev really had enjoyed it.. galing mommy!


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