Trev's Pinwheel Bento

I was able to make another bento for Trev the next day after I made him his first. ☺

Here's what I was able to come up with.

Again, this isn't much. It contains some tamagoyaki and some peanut butter and jelly sandwich made into pinwheels. Like the first time, he finished everything. Not in photo, but he also enjoyed one piece of banana after he munched on his bento. Oh, I'm such a happy nanay once again. ☺

Look here!

He enjoyed his bento, don't you think so? He did. He happily ate everything. 

I can't wait to get some cute food picks and egg molds for him soon. Wish I could find some at Saizen, kaso they're always out of stock eh. Huhu. I might try looking online instead. 

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  1. Bilis talaga lumaki ng mga kids. This is what mommy asked me to do..the tamagoyaki.


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