Trev's "Vocabulary"

Trev babbles a lot. Ang daldal! :-D Yun lang, we can't understand most of the words he says. Haha! He's one year and eleven months, pero he can speak just a few words pa lang. So, maybe you can say that he's sort of a delayed talker compared to kids his age. But I'm not rushing him. I know, he'd be able to speak more in no time. Every child is unique and they develop at their own pace. Who knows, the next day, kung anu ano na ang tinatanong ng anak ko. Hihi!

Anyway, here are some that he's able to say as of this writing.

His first two words are Car and Ako. :-)

Car: Kow
Ako: A-koh

A: Ah
B: Bah
Ka: Kah
E: he pronounces it like the E in "bagel" :-P
Oh Ow!
Go Go!

Brush: Bash
Cat: Ka...t (Yes, nahuhuli yung "T", haha!)
Tatay: Tsatsa (He can't say Nanay yet, huhu.)
Twinkle: Tee-tle (Before, he used to pronounce it as "Kaka".)
Thank you: Tsechu
I Love You: Ah-chu

If you ask him, "What did the dog say?", instead of saying "Aw, aw", he would say "Um, Um". Kaloka!
When you ask him naman "What did the fish say?", he would do this certain action of opening and closing his mouth with a popping sound. :-)

All the others that he can't say yet, he convey via "sign language". Like when he wants to drink water (from his baso, he never used the sippy cup, ayaw niya ☺), he would bring his closed hand to his mouth sabay look up then babble cute sounds. :-P

I might have missed listing some of his words but basically, those are the most that we hear from him. Like I said, we're not rushing him and we're not yet alarmed so far, we're waiting for him to choose his own time. We just keep on talking with him but we never baby talk him. Oh, we're excited! :-)

Oh, how we love you so, anak! :-)

How about you, mommies and daddies? When did your kids start to talk? How did you teach them? Share away! Thank you! :-)

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  1. Super cutie Trev! That's true, sis, let's not rush them. When he turned 1, a lot of people remarked na dapat naglalakad na daw si Yuri. I know he could walk, pero he's not confident enough. Now, he runs around the house na. Keber lang sa commenters! Hehehe. And oh, pareho ng first words si Yuri and Trev. Car! What's up, kids? Kaya lang, buti pa si Trev may "k" sound. Si Yuri, "taw" ang car and "ta" ang cat!


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