Veggies Bento

I wanted to include more veggies in the bento baon that I'm making but sometimes, I find it challenging as to what veggies to include. Poor me. Glad that I can always consult Mr. Google on other alternatives so I have a variety of veggies to include next time. ☺

Meanwhile, here's what I was able to come up with last week.

Buttered Vegetables, Grapes, Tamagoyaki, Sausage, Rice wrapped with nori.

Adobong Sitaw and Kangkong, Skinless Longganisa, Boiled Egg, Rice with Toasted Sesame Toppings.

Pinakbet, Porkchop, Pineapple Tidbits

These aren't much as usual. I still have a lot more room for improvement. Also, I haven't made my planned DIY baran project but I've been meaning to start already. Just have to find time. Busy bee!

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