Pedia Visit And A Free Christmas Photo

The last time we visited Trev's pedia was four months ago. That time, we almost always go to Healthway once a month for his immunization. Whenever Trev sees that we're entering Healthway already, he would instantly cry as if he knows what he's up for.This time around, since it's been months since we last visited, he somehow forgot about it and he was in his jolly and happy self while we were there. Well, that was until he saw his pedia. Tsk tsk. He knew na what's going to happen. Another injection na naman. Wawa baby. But still, he's very brave because after the injection and buckets of tears, he's back and playing as if nothing happened. :-)

Anyway, here were some scenes during that day.

Ano kaya ang pinag-uusapan naming mag-ina? :-P

Fun Time At Tom's World

Trev had a check up (immunization) with his pedia three weeks ago. We arrived at Healthway early to avoid long lines at the reception area (but there were still a lot of people when we arrived). After we got listed, we still had less than an hour to spend while waiting for 5pm, Trev's pedia's schedule, so we just decided to roam around while waiting. We ended up at Tom's World. Trev has always been fascinated with the mini-carousel when he saw it for the first time few weeks back. He loves carousel talaga! So, when we got there and saw it again, he wanted to ride na. Haha! Good thing no one's playing there so we grabbed the chance. We didn't last long though because a family arrived with tokens on hand and wanted to play at the mini-carousel. At least we were able to take a pic kahit panu. :-P

Anyway, here were some pics during our short stay. We actually bought three tokens too, so Trev could try the cars but he got afraid when it started moving. He wasn't afraid of the movements, he was afraid of the sound the car created. It was so loud kasi. Sayang. 

We also didn't go inside Tom's World because it was too noisy. Good thing that the rides were outside, for the kids including Trev, to enjoy. :-)

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block
Trev, riding the mini-carousel at Tom's World. The carousel only had two small horses and a chair but it was cute. 


Mickey Mouse Bento

Actually, the food is not Mickey-themed, but the food picks are. I was supposed to make a sandwich cut out of Mickey's face, but I realized I ran out of nori to make the details of Mickey's ears. So, I just prepared Trev some fruits and snacks and added some Mickey Mouse food picks instead. Thus, Mickey Mouse Bento. :-P

Mickey Mouse Bento


Our SM Sale Loot

SM Kids Apparel was on sale last October but we were not able to buy any. I so wanted to get one or two polo shirts for Trev at BGS, my favorite shop for toddler clothes inside the department store (another fave especially when Trev was still a little baby was Crib Couture) because they were 50% off but I resisted. I thought they'll still be on sale until November, sadly when we went there again first week of November, they were back to regular prices already. Good thing that Robby Rabbit was still on 50% discount so we just opted to look for something for Trev there. You see, this would somewhat be our birthday gift for him since we haven't bought any for him yet. Yeah, I know, his birthday was last month pa.

Anyway, it's our first time to check out Robby Rabbit apparels and so far, they have cute items on sale. These were our loot. 

Hooded stripes shirt and Sky blue shirt for only Ph190 each (both were originally priced at Ph400 each)  and dark jeans for only Ph320 (orig price was Ph650)

What Best To Donate for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

I saw this infographic at the ABS-CBN website. This can give idea to those who are thinking what to donate to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

According to the website, this is based on recommendations of the Philippine Red Cross. 


Maki Sushi Bento

I have always wanted to make maki sushi for my bento but I never really got the chance to. Well, not until two weeks ago. Luckily, I was able to wake up earlier than usual (usually, I would wake up at 4 or 4:30am, but that week, I was able to wake up at 3:00am every day so I took the chance.). Plus, my son didn't wake up earlier, too, so I had plenty of time to prepare the rolls. :-)

Anyway, I never thought making sushi would be so much fun! It was my first time and I thought I would have a hard time, but I was amazed at how easy it is to use the sushi mat. The other day, I tried using the mini sushi mold I bought from Saizen but I found it hard to use (I'll still try to practice using it though ☺). Sushi mat or doing it free hand (depends on what kind of sushi you're making) is easier based on my experience alone. I think, next to tamagoyaki, I would have to say that sushi is now my next favorite bento staple.

Albeit I didn't really have a super hard time making the sushi, the ones I made were still not perfectly done. But I don't really mind because still, I had so much fun! And I'll pratice more pa. 

So, here were the bento that I was able to come up with two weeks ago. 


"Vehicle Fanatic"

Trev loves cars, trains, airplanes, fire trucks and all sorts of vehicles. Whenever he sees one on TV, on the streets, or anywhere else, it would automatically get his attention, and when it does, he would wave his hands as if saying "Bye bye" or "Hello". Sometimes, he would also stretch his arm and open his palm in front of him as if saying "Stop!". Haha!

So, when we went to SM the other week and we happened to pass by Toy Kingdom, the little man couldn't resist all the toy vehicles on display, he didn't know where to go first! It was a happy place for him!

Wow, lots of cars!

Simple Joys Photo: Pikit Mata Pose

Natatawa ako sa picture na ito. Hubby told our son to close his eyes while I take their picture, and Trev did.  I don't know why. Pakulo lang nilang mag-ama. Haha! :-P

Let's Stay Connected!

Fruits and Yogurt Bento

I made another bento treat for my son. Actually, it's a randomly made bento, haha! I just got what's available in our kitchen and since Trev likes yogurt, I added it in, too. The result, fruits and yogurt bento. :-)

Fruits and Yogurt Bento


Playtime at iPlay SM North EDSA

To continue with his simple celebration, a day after Trev's 2nd birthday, we went back to the mall because we wanted Trev to try the new play area we discovered inside SM North EDSA. It's actually been there for a few months already but we haven't been able to go and check it out, not until almost three weeks ago. 

The original plan was to bring Trev to Kevin's Toys and Library at Trinoma, because it's always been one of his fave play areas but we decided otherwise and tried iPlay instead. Aside from the fact that iPlay is nearer, the price is much more affordable than that of Kevin's. So, off we went to the former. 

Playing at the ball pool with other kids.

Press Release: Pandora’s Winter Collection 2013

Christmas is the time for the all things shiny – whether it’s the soft glisten of ornaments on the tree or the sparkle in children’s eyes when they see their first presents – there’s no denying the happiness these shining moments bring. And what better way is there to honor these moments other than to create a memory that will last for years to come?

Pandora’s Winter Collection 2013 is a combination of your favorite Christmas moments. Icy blue and deep purple hues inject a splash of color to classic symbols that capture the magic of the season. The collection features classic figures such as snowflakes, candy canes, Christmas trees, and even Santa Claus. This season, they also continue the success of their pavé charms with the launch of the red, purple, and gold pavé ball. The Winter Collection 2013 invites you to begin your Pandora story.

Pandora can be found at Adora Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Bonifacio High Street Central, Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila, The Podium, Lucerne at Shangri-la Plaza, and at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza.


Super Typhoon Yolanda

Honestly, last night was the first time that I was able to fully watch the news about the super typhoon Yolanda after it hit our country. And I am so lost for words. Thousands lost their homes, their loved ones and SO many were indeed affected. I am shocked upon seeing the damages caused by the super typhoon. My heart goes out to those who were affected. My heart was mostly wrenched when I saw those babies and kids' bodies already dead. I couldn't help but cry. I just couldn't bear the heartache. I just couldn't imagine the ordeal they went thru before they were gone. It was truly heart breaking! 

Let us help the victims. They really, really need our help. 

When my husband arrived last night, I told him that I would like to look into our old but still usable clothes (ours and Trev's) and donate it to the victims. It's just a small way for us to send help to them. My prayers are with them. 


Occasion Bento

I couldn't think of any other title for this post except "Occasion Bento". I made use kasi of Trev's birthday cake in one of the bentos and a few days after his birthday was Halloween naman, so I made something for the halloween. 

Simple bentos for simple celebration. :-)


Trev's 2nd Birthday Photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo

Here it is! We got the pictures already, yey! :-)

The pictorial was both fun and exhausting at the same time. At first, Trev cried, maybe because of the new environment and the photographer was a stranger to him. But after a while, he was all good and was all around the place already. It was a challenge for us to keep him still in the middle of the studio, hahaha! Instant work out ang peg ko. He was so happy seeing all the toys around! Over all, we had a great time, as always. This was our third photo shoot at Pic-A-Boo, twice at their SM North branch (this latest pictorial included) and once at their Megamall branch. 

Last year, we were supposed to have Trev's first birthday photoshoot here at their SM North branch but it was under renovation then, so we ended up at their Megamall branch instead. Look at their new interior after the renovation, I really love it! It's been a year but it still looks so pretty!

While waiting for our turn, Trev had fun playing at the reception area.

I would like to extend my thanks and kudos to Ms. Dianne, the lady photographer who took our pics. She was really so patient and pleasant, so Trev became comfortable.

The set up includes our mandatory family photos (hihi!) and two solos with costumes. We chose a cowboy and a golfer costume for him. 

Here are some of the photos:

He wouldn't sit still unless Barney's with us. So, there! Kasama sa family picture si Barney. :-P


Against All Odds, Breastfeeding Triumphs!

Trev just turned 2 years old. That also means that we've already reached 24 months of breastfeeding and still very much going strong. Yes, there came a point when I was still starting with this journey that I struggled and almost lost it, but thank God that my determination and perseverance coupled with faith and prayer that God will help us and continue with our nursing journey, we're still here and counting! Thank God for blessing us with the best liquid gold that is breastmilk! All the difficulties we went thru were nothing compared to the benefits we're reaping now. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Looking back, I remember how hard it was at first. Trev was born with tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, which thankfully was seen during the New Born screening tests, moments after he was born. The pedia immediately went to our room right after the test and suggested that she snip it to prevent problems in the future. At first, we were shocked and scared because we had no idea about babies with tongue-tie. At one point, I even thought it is related to cleft palate or something (no offense meant here, please don't get me wrong, I was paranoid at that time). I was wrong pala. His pedia said it's not something we have to worry about and that everything will be fine. So, we agreed and she had it successfully snipped after our conversation. Our little boy was all good after that. Thank God. Later, I found out that some babies born with tongue-tie had difficulties in latching while breastfeeding. Good thing we had it done and over with the day he was born. 

And then months later, there came the issue of me having polycystic ovaries and its relation to breastfeeding. (More details on that topic on my previous post here.) And of course, the "I-thought-would-never-end" issue on low milk supply, sore/cracked/bleeding nipples, bout with mix feeding during Trev's first few months, and my worry on how to pump in the office. And a lot more challenges along the way. But we managed to surpass all that, successfully eliminated formula and now exclusively on breastmilk (and solid food of course ☺).

But against all these odds, we're still going strong. Also, I wouldn't have succeeded in this journey without my husband. He's my number one supporter. I just love him so much and so thankful that God gave him to me.

Anyway, I would like to share with you that the book Breastfeeding: A Journey Work Taking is already out! Yes, finally! I have made a post about the book a few months back and how excited I am to be a part of it. 

We're in the book! That's me and Trev, and our story. :-)


Happy 2nd Birthday, Trev!

Time flies really fast! Trev celebrated his 2nd birthday almost two weeks ago. Parang kelan lang, he was just a small baby, now he's so madaldal, he's so full of energy and always running around, he's a happy and healthy little toddler. I can't believe that it's been two years already since I gave birth to this wonderful bundle of joy. He's growing up really fast, we almost can't keep up. But, we're really thankful to the Lord that He's blessed me and my hubby with a son that's given us all the joys in the world! Our lives have been full of colors since Trev came. We hope and pray that we'll always be able to provide all of his needs. We just want the best for him. We love him to the moon and back.

Trev's special day was spent with a photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo SM North EDSA. We also had merienda at KFC. Trev rode the carousel, too! The next day, we brought him to i-Play, a new play area we discovered inside SM North. He played for an hour then rode the carousel again. He just loves the carousel. I don't know what's with kids but it seems like most of them love the carousel noh? Hihi! 

We went home with some spaghetti and a cake from Red Ribbon. 

Here are some pictures during his big day. 

Our simple merienda at KFC.


How To Make A Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki

I have cooked tamagoyaki several times already since I learned how. I have even published several posts about it. It has become one of my favorites, very easy to prepare and you can make different variations of it, too. 

Last week, I tried adding grated carrots and formed a heart out of the tamagoyaki slices. Naexcite lang ako sa itsura kasi ang cute. :-)

Making the heart-shaped tamagoyaki is very easy. After cooking, slice it about an inch thick each. Then get one slice and slice it again diagonally. Reverse one part and attach it again to the other slice. Tadah, instant heart-shaped tamagoyaki! Nice and cute, isn't it? :-)

Simple Joys Photo: Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki
Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki

Car and Animals Bento

I mentioned in my previous post that I am really happy with the bento items that I purchased from Bento Mommas. And the excited me couldn't wait any longer, I had to start and use some of the tools already. 

Here's my first attempt in using the car sandwich cutter and the hippo mold. And some animal picks. Ang saya lang gamitin! Kaaliw. Although, I feel like I didn't quite put justice to what I want to portray, so pagpasensyahan niyo na po ang nakayanan. :-)

Here's my son's car and animals snack bento:

Car and Animals Bento
Car and Animals Bento


My Bento Loot is Here!

Eerr, let me correct that, should be: two weeks ago pa andito, hihi! I'm really way behind my posts, super back logs. I really hope to catch up.

Anyway, I am really so happy to finally receive my first bento loot from Bento Mommas! Glad that I found them on Facebook. They're a group of Pinay moms who are passionate about bento-ing. I actually don't know how I chanced upon their page, maybe because I was always googling about bento and stumbled upon their blog. And tadah, I was excited to know that they're selling bento items, yahoo!

I have mentioned in this blog a few times before that I always visit Saizen Trinoma, right? And how they're almost always out of stock of bento items that I wish to have, like food picks. Well, I'm so happy that Bento Mommas got what I was looking for, and more! I excitedly opened their page's album and ordered the items that I like. The process of ordering was very easy and fast, too.

And so, I would like to present to you my loot.

Clockwise from right: Car sandwich cutter, Transportation cutter, Grass baran, 6 pcs. silicon cups, Heart picks, Mickey Mouse picks, Skittles picks, Ladybug and bee picks, Animal picks, and Rice/Egg molds.


Simple Joys Photo: Trev Loves Cars

The police car was one of his Ninang's gifts last Christmas. The Lightning McQueen plush toy we bought at SM North EDSA earlier this year. He just loves these two. He would always pair them and make them race. Yep, kahit walang actual wheels yung plush toy. Haha! He has another car plush toy, which is similar to Lightning McQueen, only bigger, which he loves to play with, too.

Proofreading With PoweredEssays

When I was still in high school, I remember having a Journalism subject and one of the topics our teacher taught us was how to proofread. Fast forward to today, it’s amazing that there are companies offering proofreading services already. 

To be honest, I didn’t know that until I chanced upon PoweredEssays. I browsed through their website and found out that aside from proofreading and editing, they also offer a lot of writing services like dissertation and course work. They also have essay paper writers

One of my friends just finished writing a research paper but wanted it to be professionally edited. He asked me if I know someone who can do it for him. You see, I feel for him because I guess sometimes, when you’re the one who wrote something, it’s kind of hard and sometimes confusing to edit your own work because you tend to overlook some mistakes. It’s sometimes good to let another “eye” look into it to pinpoint if there’s anything that needs to be edited, let’s say spelling or punctuations, or maybe typographical or grammatical errors perhaps. 


Happy Halloween!

We didn't attend any Trick or Treat event this year. Actually, ever since Trev was born (2011), we've never attended any yet. Parang he's too young pa kasi to attend during the previous years eh.

I thought we'd be able to do some trick or treating this year na, but unfortunately, nadah! Maybe, next year. :-)

Anyway, here's a picture of our cute little pumpkin, aka Jack O' Lantern. This was taken last year, during his first birthday photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo SM Megamall. Yes, he was born a few days before Halloween. And since he won't be attending any Trick or Treat that time yet, we thought it would be nice if one of his photo set ups is somewhat Halloween inspired. :-)

He's exactly one year old here. Hmm, "not quite in the mood" but still a cute Jack O' Lantern, me thinks. :-P