Against All Odds, Breastfeeding Triumphs!

Trev just turned 2 years old. That also means that we've already reached 24 months of breastfeeding and still very much going strong. Yes, there came a point when I was still starting with this journey that I struggled and almost lost it, but thank God that my determination and perseverance coupled with faith and prayer that God will help us and continue with our nursing journey, we're still here and counting! Thank God for blessing us with the best liquid gold that is breastmilk! All the difficulties we went thru were nothing compared to the benefits we're reaping now. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Looking back, I remember how hard it was at first. Trev was born with tongue-tie or ankyloglossia, which thankfully was seen during the New Born screening tests, moments after he was born. The pedia immediately went to our room right after the test and suggested that she snip it to prevent problems in the future. At first, we were shocked and scared because we had no idea about babies with tongue-tie. At one point, I even thought it is related to cleft palate or something (no offense meant here, please don't get me wrong, I was paranoid at that time). I was wrong pala. His pedia said it's not something we have to worry about and that everything will be fine. So, we agreed and she had it successfully snipped after our conversation. Our little boy was all good after that. Thank God. Later, I found out that some babies born with tongue-tie had difficulties in latching while breastfeeding. Good thing we had it done and over with the day he was born. 

And then months later, there came the issue of me having polycystic ovaries and its relation to breastfeeding. (More details on that topic on my previous post here.) And of course, the "I-thought-would-never-end" issue on low milk supply, sore/cracked/bleeding nipples, bout with mix feeding during Trev's first few months, and my worry on how to pump in the office. And a lot more challenges along the way. But we managed to surpass all that, successfully eliminated formula and now exclusively on breastmilk (and solid food of course ☺).

But against all these odds, we're still going strong. Also, I wouldn't have succeeded in this journey without my husband. He's my number one supporter. I just love him so much and so thankful that God gave him to me.

Anyway, I would like to share with you that the book Breastfeeding: A Journey Work Taking is already out! Yes, finally! I have made a post about the book a few months back and how excited I am to be a part of it. 

We're in the book! That's me and Trev, and our story. :-)

Yay, my copy of the book, signed by Ms. Teresa!  :-)
When I was pregnant, I purchased several pregnancy and breastfeeding books and this new book by Ms. Teresa is definitely a great addition.

Again, I would like to thank Ms. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag for making me a part of the book by sharing my breastfeeding story. I hope that in my own little way, I could inspire other moms and moms-to-be to go on and take this journey. It's all worth it, really! 

Contributing my story in Ms. Teresa's book is, I guess, one of the many ways for me to pay it forward. After all the hardships and challenges this journey has given us, I got so many support from loved ones and I couldn't be more thankful. Until now, I'm still nourishing my little one with liquid gold. 24 months and counting! Hurray! :-)

I am also extending my thanks to Grace, my former officemate who introduced me with Ms. Teresa and asked me to share my breastfeeding experience. Her story with her little fighter is in the book too, as well as another former officemate KT, who breastfed her daughter for more than 3 years. She was also my inspiration when I was still working as she really did her best to pump in the office. She also shared what she know about breastfeeding to us, who at first, seemed lost in the journey because of our challenges. You will find a lot more collection of inspiring breastfeeding stories from other moms, too!

Also, I feel so honored to be in the book with other breastfeeding moms like Ms. Jenny Ong of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. I was so happy when I saw her story in the book, too. You see, when I was still pregnant, I was already following her blog. Reading her blog back then was one of my motivating factors to breastfeed my baby when he arrives. Other moms whom I came to know only online (bloggers/mompreneurs) also shared their story in Ms. Teresa's book. Wow, I feel really honored. 

Anyway, if you like to get a hold of this book, too, you may send your orders to Ms. Teresa. Here's what she'd written on her page:
Invest in your child's health and in this worthwhile journey! Php499 only! Email your orders at teresa@fulllifecube.com or text them at 09178345846.

I am so inlove with breastfeeding that I am sure that even if my baby weans already (hopefully not so soon pa, anak, okay?), I will always promote it in whatever way I can. The benefits are priceless. The love and satisfaction I see on my child's eyes whenever he nurses, his touch, his scent, his embrace, and his health are just a few of the many, MANY moments you'll experience in this journey. 

Like the Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking page here. 

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  1. I been in the same situation before when I have my first baby, but I'm glad I didn't give up breastfeeding because at some point I almost did, but I stopped breastfeeding after 6 months for both kids. I was taking medication for my newly pulled tooth and the medication makes me sick and nausea and not recommended for breast feeding Mom so I forced to stopped, on my second baby.. I was like a PRO- but due to work related i wasn't able to continue breastfeeding. It was a nice experience for both Mom and the Baby...:) Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Breast milk is the best, I will do the same to my six month old baby, I will breastfeed her until the last drop of my milk. It is good for their immunity too.

  3. Ang galing!!! Clap-clap! You better keep one copy for your grandchildren, sis! I didn't know Trev was born with a tongue tie. Buti your doctor was good. Ako naman, I've never had real struggles with breastfeeding. Mas marami pa akong struggles during pregnancy and childbirth, but praise God, our breastfeeding journey is super smooth-sailing. :-)


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