Car and Animals Bento

I mentioned in my previous post that I am really happy with the bento items that I purchased from Bento Mommas. And the excited me couldn't wait any longer, I had to start and use some of the tools already. 

Here's my first attempt in using the car sandwich cutter and the hippo mold. And some animal picks. Ang saya lang gamitin! Kaaliw. Although, I feel like I didn't quite put justice to what I want to portray, so pagpasensyahan niyo na po ang nakayanan. :-)

Here's my son's car and animals snack bento:

Car and Animals Bento
Car and Animals Bento

Made the car using the car sandwich cutter (my son's fave among all the bento items I got from Bento Mommas) and used nori for the details then I added some animal picks as "passengers". I also molded a hard boiled egg using the hippo mold and nori for its eyes. It didn't quite mold finely though. I think it's because the egg I used is a medium large egg. Next time, I'll use small-medium and hope for the best. Haha! I added some bread sticks, too. I used some of the silicone cups from Bento Mommas. I love the grass barans so I had to use it here also. :-)

And the verdict? 

My son enjoying his car and animals snack bento. Yey!

After a few more moments, ito na lang natira:

Simot na niya. :-P

I still need to learn so much about bento-ing, but it was fun doing it. Not to mention the happiness I see on my son's face everytime I prepare a bento for him, it's all worth it. Wish I could learn how to do kyarabens (charabens) next, I'm sure he will love that, too.

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  1. I am really a fan of your bento posts sis! Nice one here...

  2. i salute mommies like you who makes nice bento for their kids

  3. ang cute! i think it takes a great deal of creativity and time to do this!
    i'd be delighted to eat something as creative as this is!


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