Fruits and Yogurt Bento

I made another bento treat for my son. Actually, it's a randomly made bento, haha! I just got what's available in our kitchen and since Trev likes yogurt, I added it in, too. The result, fruits and yogurt bento. :-)

Fruits and Yogurt Bento

It contains grapes in random food picks, banana slices, whole wheat corn flakes and yogurt with a dash of cinnamon powder. 
The little boy was very amused with the bumble bee food pick he made use of it as a spoon to scoop his yogurt. Haha! Funny baby!

Trev enjoying his snack bento.

I am still trying my best to update my blog, please stay tuned for more bento snacks/lunches which I will try to post as soon as I can. Hopefully, I can update as fast as I could! Thanks! :-)

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  1. ang cute naman ni trev! and i think it's great that he loves yogurt. usually kids don't like its tangy taste kasi.


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