Fun Time At Tom's World

Trev had a check up (immunization) with his pedia three weeks ago. We arrived at Healthway early to avoid long lines at the reception area (but there were still a lot of people when we arrived). After we got listed, we still had less than an hour to spend while waiting for 5pm, Trev's pedia's schedule, so we just decided to roam around while waiting. We ended up at Tom's World. Trev has always been fascinated with the mini-carousel when he saw it for the first time few weeks back. He loves carousel talaga! So, when we got there and saw it again, he wanted to ride na. Haha! Good thing no one's playing there so we grabbed the chance. We didn't last long though because a family arrived with tokens on hand and wanted to play at the mini-carousel. At least we were able to take a pic kahit panu. :-P

Anyway, here were some pics during our short stay. We actually bought three tokens too, so Trev could try the cars but he got afraid when it started moving. He wasn't afraid of the movements, he was afraid of the sound the car created. It was so loud kasi. Sayang. 

We also didn't go inside Tom's World because it was too noisy. Good thing that the rides were outside, for the kids including Trev, to enjoy. :-)

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block
Trev, riding the mini-carousel at Tom's World. The carousel only had two small horses and a chair but it was cute. 

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block
Trev, riding the red car with a playmate. :-)

This was when we decided to buy some tokens and used it on this red car. But the car turned out to be too noisy for Trev when it started moving. Ang ending, he got afraid. We just waited until it stopped so Trev can play again. Haha! Sayang tokens, buti tatlo lang binili namin. :-)

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block
Trev with Doraemon. He loves touching Doraemon's nose. :-P

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block
Trev riding the yellow car. 

It was a short but fun time. We kept the remaining tokens we bought because we were not able to use it anymore. Hope we could still use it next time na maligaw ulit kami sa Tom's World. :-)

Tom's World, SM North EDSA, The Block

Tom's World is located at the 3rd Level of SM North EDSA, The Block.

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