Happy 2nd Birthday, Trev!

Time flies really fast! Trev celebrated his 2nd birthday almost two weeks ago. Parang kelan lang, he was just a small baby, now he's so madaldal, he's so full of energy and always running around, he's a happy and healthy little toddler. I can't believe that it's been two years already since I gave birth to this wonderful bundle of joy. He's growing up really fast, we almost can't keep up. But, we're really thankful to the Lord that He's blessed me and my hubby with a son that's given us all the joys in the world! Our lives have been full of colors since Trev came. We hope and pray that we'll always be able to provide all of his needs. We just want the best for him. We love him to the moon and back.

Trev's special day was spent with a photoshoot at Pic-A-Boo SM North EDSA. We also had merienda at KFC. Trev rode the carousel, too! The next day, we brought him to i-Play, a new play area we discovered inside SM North. He played for an hour then rode the carousel again. He just loves the carousel. I don't know what's with kids but it seems like most of them love the carousel noh? Hihi! 

We went home with some spaghetti and a cake from Red Ribbon. 

Here are some pictures during his big day. 

Our simple merienda at KFC.

Birthday boy Trev and his pilit na smile. Hihi! :-)

Trev: Nanay, please give me some spaghetti. :-)

Waiting for some snacks. :-)

Peek-A-Boo! :-)

After KFC, we went back to Pic-A-Boo for his birthday photoshoot. 

We were 30 minutes early from our scheduled time. So Trev had tons of fun playing with Pic-A-Boo's toys.

After our 30 minute photo session, which was both fun and exhausting at the same time (I'll tell you more about it on my next post ☺), we headed to the main mall of SM. 

One of their favorite things to do while on the escalator. Hay naku! :-P

We passed by this wide array and impressive display of Christmas trees in front of National Bookstore. We couldn't help but take some shots. Truly, Christmas is right around the corner already.

Christmas trees!

And Santa Claus, too!

Trev saw the carousel while we were strolling and he really wanted to ride. He loves it talaga. So, since it's his birthday, go agad! :-)

He doesn't look like it but he really had lots of fun. Gusto pa nga umulit, hihi! :-)

Before going home, we passed by Red Ribbon and bought him a birthday cake. 

While waiting for his cake, emo mode muna si Trev, haha! No, he was actually busy looking at all the cars passing by. He loves cars talaga!

Trev was sort of tired already and sleepy when we arrived home. But before he slept, we lighted his cake's candle first and made some wishes for him. Picture taking muna. 

Our simple handa on Trev's 2nd birthday.

Made a wish and blew his candle. :-)

It was a very simple celebration, just the three of us. Yes, we opted not to hold a kiddie party for him this year. (Admittedly, budget is one of the reasons why. You see, we're investing on something, it's for Trev din naman.) But even then, it turned out to be just as fun. It was an intimate bonding moment for the three of us. 

Anyway, next year, God willing, we're planning to hold a simple birthday party for him, maybe at home na lang. I would like to try to DIY his party. I think it's exciting and at the same time, I could use whatever theme he likes. It's going to be a labor of love indeed. :-)

Sigh. Two years just flew by so quickly. Before long, Trev will grow up to be a fine, young man. But for now, we'll just enjoy and cherish each day with our little man.

Again, happy, happy birthday, Trev anak. Always remember that Tatay and Nanay loves you sooo much. Be a good boy always, okay?

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  1. Happy birthday Trev! Enjoy your little boy cuz boys do grow soo fast!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Trev! I fee you sis, time flies so fast or where did time go? Haha.. Bilis ng araw and one day we have binatas na. My gulay I can't imagine the day when Matt will tell me he loves another girl, hehe..

    God bless you and your family. Stay happy!


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