How To Make A Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki

I have cooked tamagoyaki several times already since I learned how. I have even published several posts about it. It has become one of my favorites, very easy to prepare and you can make different variations of it, too. 

Last week, I tried adding grated carrots and formed a heart out of the tamagoyaki slices. Naexcite lang ako sa itsura kasi ang cute. :-)

Making the heart-shaped tamagoyaki is very easy. After cooking, slice it about an inch thick each. Then get one slice and slice it again diagonally. Reverse one part and attach it again to the other slice. Tadah, instant heart-shaped tamagoyaki! Nice and cute, isn't it? :-)

Simple Joys Photo: Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki
Heart-Shaped Tamagoyaki

I also made some for my hubby's baon and posted it here. And oh, if you want to know how I make tamagoyaki, here's how. You can alter any of the ingredients if you like, depending on your taste. Let me know how it goes, okay? Enjoy cooking! :-)

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  1. This will be loved by kids and kids at heart. I am going to try this one too as Mommy always mentioned this one.

  2. It looks terrific and delicious too! Since I'm not familiar with the dish, I will check out your recipe. TY for this one. :-)


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