My Bento Loot is Here!

Eerr, let me correct that, should be: two weeks ago pa andito, hihi! I'm really way behind my posts, super back logs. I really hope to catch up.

Anyway, I am really so happy to finally receive my first bento loot from Bento Mommas! Glad that I found them on Facebook. They're a group of Pinay moms who are passionate about bento-ing. I actually don't know how I chanced upon their page, maybe because I was always googling about bento and stumbled upon their blog. And tadah, I was excited to know that they're selling bento items, yahoo!

I have mentioned in this blog a few times before that I always visit Saizen Trinoma, right? And how they're almost always out of stock of bento items that I wish to have, like food picks. Well, I'm so happy that Bento Mommas got what I was looking for, and more! I excitedly opened their page's album and ordered the items that I like. The process of ordering was very easy and fast, too.

And so, I would like to present to you my loot.

Clockwise from right: Car sandwich cutter, Transportation cutter, Grass baran, 6 pcs. silicon cups, Heart picks, Mickey Mouse picks, Skittles picks, Ladybug and bee picks, Animal picks, and Rice/Egg molds.

But I guess someone's even more excited that I am. The little man can't get over all the items. He loves the car sandwich cutter and thought all the items are toys! :-)

Busy playing with his new "toys'. :-P

He even gathered everything and put them inside his dump truck toy. Funny kid.

My son putting all my bento tools inside his dump truck.

Anyway, since I'm way behind in updating my blog, I have actually made a few bentos for hubby and baby already using some of the items above. I will do my best to post it as soon as I can. 

Bento Mommas regularly updates their Bento Benta album and I am again eying some more items. I need to control myself, otherwise I will end up buying everything. Haha! Tagtipid pa naman ngayon.

Hmm, maybe, I could get a few more items before the year ends. I really like the Best Dad food picks! And oh, the ball picks, too! We'll see. :-P

If you like to start bento-ing too, go ahead and like their page. They have uber cute bento items! I bet you'll love it as much as I do. 


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all the items featured here. Since, sometimes it's kind of hard to find bento items/tools here, I figured it would be nice to share with you about Bento Mommas. :-)

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  1. Thank you for featuring the Bento Mommas page! Happy bento-ing!


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