Our SM Sale Loot

SM Kids Apparel was on sale last October but we were not able to buy any. I so wanted to get one or two polo shirts for Trev at BGS, my favorite shop for toddler clothes inside the department store (another fave especially when Trev was still a little baby was Crib Couture) because they were 50% off but I resisted. I thought they'll still be on sale until November, sadly when we went there again first week of November, they were back to regular prices already. Good thing that Robby Rabbit was still on 50% discount so we just opted to look for something for Trev there. You see, this would somewhat be our birthday gift for him since we haven't bought any for him yet. Yeah, I know, his birthday was last month pa.

Anyway, it's our first time to check out Robby Rabbit apparels and so far, they have cute items on sale. These were our loot. 

Hooded stripes shirt and Sky blue shirt for only Ph190 each (both were originally priced at Ph400 each)  and dark jeans for only Ph320 (orig price was Ph650)

Couldn't help but try the clothes on the little man who seemed to enjoy naman. Look here!

He loves it! Haha! Model mode siya. Kaaliw! :-P

We'll just wait for BGS's next sale. They regularly have it naman. And hopefully may extra budget so we could buy one or two items for Trev. Been loving polo shirts lately. And I never thought that "dressing up" little boys could be so much fun. Akala ko, little girls lang masarap i-dress up. :-)

Anyway, aside from the clothes, we also got him Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel by Tiny Buds. His SansFluo tooth gel tube is almost empty na so it's about time to replenish. I was supposed to buy SansFluo again when I saw Tiny Fangs. I compared and so far, they have the same price pero mas marami ata yung content ng Tiny Fangs. So, I got it instead. 

If I remember it correctly, the price is Ph87.

The little boy really loves brushing his teeth and when he saw that he has a new toothpaste, he got the tube from me and started brushing his teeth. I have actually done brushing his teeth here pero he excitedly brushed again. Haha! Funny kid. :-P
Trev, happily brushing his teeth. :-D

I tasted the Tiny Fangs toothpaste so I can compare it with SansFluo. I actually didn't see any difference except for the taste. Tiny Fangs is a little bit sweeter than SansFluo. But when it comes to texture and all, I think they're almost the same. Both naman indicate in their packaging that they're "natural". Anyway, the little one loves it naman. This is his third brand of toothpaste since I started brushing his teeth. His first was Earth's Best Toddler toothpaste which I bought from Healthy Options.

And oh, I still use SansFluo tooth wipes on his teeth once in a while. :-)

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  1. May future nga sa modelling ang little boy! :-) Nice haul sis! Trev is very blessed.

  2. Great buys. I too recently purchased more clothes for the kids but online :)

  3. Good finds! Children's clothes are expensive so when you see them on sale, you just have to buy them.

  4. Hiyang na hiyang si Trev sa camera hehehe... I'm using the same toothpaste for son.

  5. Pwede nga mag model!!! :D Those are good finds, too. Yeah, SM now has good choices of clothing.

  6. your boy is getting bigger na! enjoy the priceless moments :)

  7. My gawd Van your baby's getting cuter everyday. You know one thing I love Pinas, is SM. You can simply find anything in there.


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