Pedia Visit And A Free Christmas Photo

The last time we visited Trev's pedia was four months ago. That time, we almost always go to Healthway once a month for his immunization. Whenever Trev sees that we're entering Healthway already, he would instantly cry as if he knows what he's up for.This time around, since it's been months since we last visited, he somehow forgot about it and he was in his jolly and happy self while we were there. Well, that was until he saw his pedia. Tsk tsk. He knew na what's going to happen. Another injection na naman. Wawa baby. But still, he's very brave because after the injection and buckets of tears, he's back and playing as if nothing happened. :-)

Anyway, here were some scenes during that day.

Ano kaya ang pinag-uusapan naming mag-ina? :-P

We arrived at Healthway two and a half hours before Trev's pedia's schedule.  But still there were a lot of people waiting to be listed. There were no more seats inside the reception area so we just decided to wait for our turn outside. 

May batang "naliligaw". :-P

 After we got listed, we went for a late lunch at KFC. 

Spaghetti for Trev and baconized meal for me and Allan.

Trev was attracted with KFC's wall. He saw kasi Thomas and Friends, Bob The Builder, etc. I'm sure he misses watching Jim Jam. Sayang talaga it's discontinued by our cable provider.

Then we went to play at Tom's World. I blogged about it here. :-)

Trev playing at Tom's World.

We went back to Healthway a few minutes before 5pm because his pedia's schedule is at 5pm and she usually arrives on time. But she didn't arrive on time that day so Trev continued playing at the clinic while we were waiting. At this point, Trev still hasn't remembered what we're there for so he had fun playing.

Playing with his Tatay's phone. "Diet" si Trev sa tablet (Samsung Tab) for I think 3 weeks now. We're not allowing him to play with it since. We thought it's best to play with him using real toys and books instead. Hubby just let him play with his phone here to avoid boredom. Pero, saglit lang. :-)

Hubby just went to the rest room and when he came back, he was greeted with this smile. :-)

This is how the front area of his pedia's room looks like. It used to be bigger with a wall full of drawings. Now, it's smaller with only puzzle mats on the wall.

Happily playing. But not until he saw his pedia.

When his pedia arrived and Trev saw her, he instantly cried as if he remembered what he's there for. But like I mentioned above, he was very brave and was back to playing after. Albeit with tears. :-)

After his immunization, when we were at the ground level of The Block, a guy suddenly came to us and asked us if we wanted to have our family picture taken for free. Yes, for free! It turns out, he's from OMNI pala and they have this photo booth promo. To get the free picture, all we need to do is like their facebook page. At first, I hesitated but hubby likes to try, so I agreed na rin. They handed me their tablet and had me logged in my account to like their page. I did and made sure to see that they logged out my account after of course. The guy said that we can also join their promo. Paramihan daw ng likes. All we need to do is buy any OMNI product and they will add our family picture to the entries. What we need to do was promote the picture and ask friends to 'like' the picture. The more likes, the more chances of winning! We were supposed to join but we couldn't find any item that we need as of the moment. So, we decided otherwise. Besides, we're okay naman with the family picture they gave us. Yes, we got the picture right away. I scanned it so I can show you. Here it is! :-)

Although poker-faced, good thing that Trev had stopped crying already. Taken after his immunization. :-)

Thank you, OMNI, for the Christmas photo. Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Awwww, same kay Yuri! Door pa lang ng clinic masama na ang kutob! Oh the pain our babies have to go through no? But I really believe in immunization. Uy, that promo by Omni sounds cool! My automatic LED nightlight is Omni. :-)

  2. The colorful rubber mats can be a good wall decor din pala. Trev looks fascinated with them.

  3. what a smart kid! his memory is sharp ha. :)

  4. Great Holiday photos of you and your family. Glad to know how Trev appointment went, such a big boy na talaga.. sarap din ng food ah.:)

  5. Oh, great! Free photo! I bet Trev enjoyed his day out despite his bakuna shot!

  6. kids are very smart these days... they remember the good as well as the not-so-good memories. sana he'd soon realize that his doctor is a friend :)

  7. Wow! With free photo pa talaga.. I remember my son having bakuna shots din as in super iyak pero wala lang 1 minute ayun.. wala ng tears hehehe..

  8. I remember one time Matt got his vaccine too. Nagulat ung pedia nya nung nagsalita sya. "Aww! Natusok na!"
    In all of his immunization, he didn't cried even once. Mana yata sa mommy na mataas ang treshold sa pain.

  9. what a lovely family photo! kebs na sa facebook like. hehe. at least may souvenir kayo.

    kids have that instinct na talaga siguro whenever they're near doctors eh natatakot sila. buti naman brave si trev. hehe!

  10. That's a nice family photo. Pwede ng postcard sis. Anyway, Matt is never afraid of his Pedia or the clinic. Maybe you won't believe it but he never cry whenever he is vaccinated. Sa sobrang taba ata ng hita nya, manhid na e... Haha. Pero totoo nga, he will say ohh and ouch pero he never cried kaya sabi ng Pedia nya he is such a brave baby. But I don't know now that he already what pain is. The last time we went to his Pedia is April pa for his annual flu vaccine. Speaking of flu vaccine, I have that may bad side effect daw yun that makes me think twice if it's really safe. I will discuss it muna with his Pedia no. Mahirap na, its the health at stake kasi.

    Mommy Maye

  11. Another memorable bonding moment... When my kids were younger, we emphasize the after-the-doc activity so they get excited. And I think it helps also if the pedia is really friendly like a Tita lang. :)

  12. You took such beautiful photos and made this into a fun family outing. Hopefully, this happy memory will stick with your handsome son for his next pedia visit. Love the photos.


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