Playtime at iPlay SM North EDSA

To continue with his simple celebration, a day after Trev's 2nd birthday, we went back to the mall because we wanted Trev to try the new play area we discovered inside SM North EDSA. It's actually been there for a few months already but we haven't been able to go and check it out, not until almost three weeks ago. 

The original plan was to bring Trev to Kevin's Toys and Library at Trinoma, because it's always been one of his fave play areas but we decided otherwise and tried iPlay instead. Aside from the fact that iPlay is nearer, the price is much more affordable than that of Kevin's. So, off we went to the former. 

Playing at the ball pool with other kids.

Enjoying some fun toys and shapes.

And some puzzles, too.

Sadly, this is the only toy "car" available. Trev loves cars pa naman.

Trying to climb the stairs, of course with my help :-).  He loves the slide.

Riding the train, haha! :-)

He loves touching the train's nose. :-)

After a few minutes of play time, he wanted to go out of the play area already. In this picture, he was pointing the carousel to his Tatay, who was over the bakod :-). The carousel is the one which was far behind my husband. Trev wanted to ride in it instead! Haha!

Out after an hour of play time at iPlay.

Comparing iPlay with Kevin's Toys & Library, I would have to say that the latter is better. Kevin's has more toys albeit some were also torn and broken but it's very apparent that the kids love it there. Anyway, here are some of my observations at iPlay.  
  • iPlay has very limited toys. Based from my count, I guess they have like around less than 10 toys only. They don't have scooters or tolocars that Trev and other kids enjoy at Kevin's. They also don't have books, stuffed toys and other interesting materials for kids. 
  • Limited play area. A few minutes of play time and Trev got somehow bored already. He didn't know where to go anymore and except for the inflatable play ground, he has gone to all corners of the play area already. At Kevin's, Trev would keep playing and go to all corners with something interesting to do. Bitin pa nga siya after an hour of play time sa Kevin's. :-)
  •  Another thing is that there were no staffs or aides watching the kids, unlike at Kevins. Some of the kids were already pulling the slide out of the ball pool while the other kid was climbing the slide's stairs. It was dangerous actually. My husband, who was outside watching us couldn't help himself and approached the staff at the counter. He told her what the other kids were doing but I guess she didn't seem to mind because a few minutes later, the kids were pulling the slide again.
  • Some parts of the floor were not flat and smooth. Some parts of the carpet were already torn and could be dangerous for kids as they may tip over from the folds and tear. 
  • The shoe cabinet doesn't have any name tags, unlike at Kevin's. We were just asked to put our shoes anywhere inside the shelf. No offense meant, but somehow, there's doubt if I could still find our footwears after an hour of play time.
  • For the price, iPlay is more affordable compared with Kevin's and they don't charge any fee for the child's guardian inside the play area. But in my humble opinion, I think Kevin's is more reasonable given the services that they offer.  

iPlay's rate is Ph150/hour. Kevin's charge Ph200/hour on weekdays and Ph220/hour on weekends.

iPlay at SM North EDSA

I guess we won't be going back to iPlay anytime soon. At least, we were able to try and in some ways, Trev had a few minutes of fun din naman. But, I think the little guy had more fun riding the carousel than playing at iPlay. Look! :-)

Bitin pa siya and wanted to ride again. Haha! :-)

We just strolled around the mall na lang to keep his mind away from the carousel. :-P

To sum it up, it was still a fun day for the three of us. I hope iPlay will improve in the coming days so the next time Trev plays there, he will have loads of fun na. :-)

iPlay is located at the top level of SM North EDSA, City Center. 

Disclaimer: The observations I mentioned here are based solely on our own experience and is not meant to offend anyone. As a mother, my personal objective is to help the establishment improve their services so every child who will visit them will be safe and will have more fun.

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  1. I guess for safety alone, moms wouldn't mind the extra pay no? Better "splurge" a bit than worry about kids tripping or something.

  2. I think every kid loves the carousel. I want Matt sana to experience play areas kaya lang parang nasasayangan ako sa bayad, haha. Kuripot mode lang. Actually, madalas kasi ang pinupunta namin sa mall grocery lang kaya wala din oras. Hay, problem ko talaga time. I will temporarily close nga muna our shop para makapagenjoy naman. Hehe..

  3. I love bringing my son to play areas.. that way he'll be able to learn how to play with other kids..

  4. Nice playground at affordable din! Would love to bring my nieces here


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