"Vehicle Fanatic"

Trev loves cars, trains, airplanes, fire trucks and all sorts of vehicles. Whenever he sees one on TV, on the streets, or anywhere else, it would automatically get his attention, and when it does, he would wave his hands as if saying "Bye bye" or "Hello". Sometimes, he would also stretch his arm and open his palm in front of him as if saying "Stop!". Haha!

So, when we went to SM the other week and we happened to pass by Toy Kingdom, the little man couldn't resist all the toy vehicles on display, he didn't know where to go first! It was a happy place for him!

Wow, lots of cars!

Couldn't resist touching it! Haha!

Racing cars, too!

He was so amazed when his Tatay showed him this display of different kinds of vehicles!

The nice sales lady showing Trev one of the features of the car on display.

Those were only Ph50 ata. We didn't buy that for Trev though. His Tatay said we'll just buy na lang on December. So, the little one satisfied himself by just holding it for a few minutes. Ayan oh, naupo pa nga sa floor. Hahaha! We had to return it immediately after of course. :-)

He really loves Thomas. His cousin gave him one as a present last year and he still plays with it until now. Whenever the show is on TV, he would hold his Thomas train while watching. Sadly, Jim Jam, the channel that airs Thomas and Friends, was discontinued by our cable provider. Huhu.

He also loves construction vehicles likes digger, fork lift, trucks, and he loves watching Bob the Builder, also from Jim Jam. Sayang talaga, it's no longer available on our cable channels. 

And oh, I have even posted about how he loves his toy police car and his plush Lightning McQueen, and how he always makes them race. Haha! It's so amusing to see how he plays with his toys and how he  can imagine different things to do with his toy cars. Oh, kids! :-)

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  1. some kids would have tantrums when they end up not buying the toy. buti na lang trev was just cool even if he was evidently attracted to the cars.

  2. Yuri loves cars, too! Buti naman di sya umiyak nung pinalaruan yung toys tapos di nabili. I'm sure Yuri would have tantrums! Trev is so cool about it ha.

  3. He sure is a good and smart boy.. pumayag ba naman na iwan lang yung toys without buying it.. hehehe

  4. Trev, you and Kuya Matt are so alike. Matt loves cars too, as in. Last night, he ask me to buy him a McQueen school bag and shoes and slippers pa daw. He also wish for a Cars cake on his 4th birthday. Puro na lang cars and nasa isip nya. Kaya sa mall iwas iwas kami sa cars display kasi for sure he will be bugging us to buy them e ang dami kaya nyang cars. Tapos one time we ask his Dadd to trade his tablet to buy a big car buti nakuha sa bola kaya napapayag wag na bumili pa. hehe

    Mommy Maye


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