Simple Joys Photo: Our "Christmas Tree"

We were not able to put up our own Christmas tree so I just bought this decor (for only Ph35, hihi!) instead. The little one was just as happy. Next year, we'll definitely put up our own tree. I'm sure Trev would love to help out decorating it! :-)

Meantime, we're okay with our cute "Christmas tree". :-P

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Simple Joys Photo: Trev And His Cars Sticker Book

I bought this sticker book for Trev before pa. I forgot exactly when pero matagal na yan. He was a little over a year old pa lang when I got it for him. Kaso, I totally forgot about it. Good thing I saw it the other day. He was so happy when I showed it to him! :-)

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New Discovery: Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice

Barely three weeks ago, Trev suffered from colds. Although it was mild, I was worried because he rarely gets sick. Hindi rin siya mabilis mahawa but I don't know why, I guess he caught the bug from one of his cousins when we visited them days back before his colds started.

Anyway, I had no problems making him drink lots of water and making him eat fresh fruits and vegetables because he's never been a picky eater. He's also taking Vitamin C supplement daily. Also, I'm still breastfeeding him until now, yes and we're on our 26th month already (and counting! ☺). We went to his pedia for his immunization and consulted na rin about his colds. She advised water therapy (which I was already doing, of course ☺). No meds were prescribed, which I find no problem naman since di naman grabe sipon niya. Besides, I don't want to depend on meds when not really necessary. But being the worried mom that I am, I wanted to look for more ways than one to make him recover faster.

We were at the grocery the other week when I saw these 100% fruit juices. It says in the packaging that both have no sugar added and are good source of Vitamin C. Got interested so I bought these two flavors for my son to try.

Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice
Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice. I forgot the exact price but they are a little over Ph20 each.


Christmas Carols

It’s been a few minutes already and I’m still thinking what to blog about first. So many things have happened these past few days and we’ve really been so blessed. The Christmas atmosphere added so much joy to our already thankful hearts. It’s such an overwhelming feeling.

As I type this post, the carolers are out singing their best Christmas songs. Most of them brought along their own instrument to make their songs even livelier. I glanced at the window and saw one of them playing with medium soft bassoon reeds. It sounded really good! The other caroler is using a saxophone. Awesome performance! Such a happy tune.

Excuse me for a while as I really wanted to watch their full performance. Believe it or not but it’s been a while since I last saw carolers singing like the ones outside our home right now. Be back in a bit. :-)

Happy Holidays once again!

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Merry Christmas!

Hello there! I might be without internet for the next few days (I hope hindi umabot ng more than a week). It's going to be a very busy week for us. It's really a wonderful blessing. Perfect gift for Christmas! :-)

So, before the busy days start, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best of the season! God bless everyone! :-)

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Missed Reunion

December is also a time for reunions, don't you think so, too? I received a message from one of my high school batchmates informing me that they're organizing a reunion for our batch this end of month. The last time I was able to attend our reunion was I think six years ago. And yes, it was also December then. It’s been ages since I last saw them. I remember during that time, we really had so much fun catching up with each other’s stories and experiences after graduation. There was a party also and everybody had a lot of fun dancing and singing to every tune. Good thing that one of our batchmates brought along his gemini cdmp 1400 at musicians friend.
Anyway, in as much as I wanted to attend this year’s reunion again, this time I just couldn’t. So, I declined the invitation. You see, I couldn’t just travel to the province these days for obvious reasons. I couldn’t leave Trev and Allan just like that, especially for a stay at home wife and mom like me (no helper or yaya). And even if we want to, the three of us couldn’t travel at the moment. We have so many things to take care of here in the Metro and our days are super busy.
I was thankful with my classmate’s invitation and at the same time, with her understanding. I know all my other batchmates would understand, too. Anyway, there’s always another chance. Who knows, maybe next time, they’ll organize a reunion where we could bring along our own families, too. :-) That would be awesome!

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Simple Joys Photo: Minion Top For The Little Tot!

The other day, hubby went home with a pasalubong in tow. He bought Trev a Minion top! He said he was so amused with the toy and since it isn't expensive at all, he gave it a go and purchased it, with the thought that his little tot will like it. And he was right! :-) Look here!

Trev was actually sleeping when his Tatay arrived home. When he woke up and hubby showed him his pasalubong, aba he got up immediately and started playing with it. Allan showed him how it looks like while the top is spinning. It has lights and music kasi. Trev was so amused, haha! Kulit lang. :-)

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It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Two more days and it’s Christmas already! Yay! We’ve been very busy since Saturday packing up stuffs for something very important. Yesterday was our busiest day so far. It’s truly such a blessing and a perfect Christmas gift. It's really the most wonderful time of the year for our family!

While we were packing, although we were in a rush, I can’t help but to sometimes look into our old stuffs and "treasures" and what do you know, I found a wedding band! Guess who owns it, well us of course! Haha! You see, we have two sets of wedding bands. One is silver, the other is stainless steel. You read it right, no gold. It was our personal choice not to opt for gold bands. Ours is very simple, very straightforward. No frills whatsoever. But despite it being that way, I love it so much. In my opinion, it’s just perfect for me and Allan. It means so much to us. It symbolizes so many things between our relationship.  I guess it really doesn’t matter whether you opt for gold or silver or stainless steel or tungsten carbide, etc, what’s important is the person you’re sharing it with and your relationship with each other. The love that it symbolizes and the bond between the two of you.

Anyway, did you notice that aside from June, December is also a favorite month among couples who want to get married? We didn’t get married on a December though, but I know a few who got married during this time of the year. Did you get married on December? I'm sure it's also the most wonderful time of the year for you. If you’re still single or plan to get married and reading this, would you prefer December, too? :-)

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