Christmas Carols

It’s been a few minutes already and I’m still thinking what to blog about first. So many things have happened these past few days and we’ve really been so blessed. The Christmas atmosphere added so much joy to our already thankful hearts. It’s such an overwhelming feeling.

As I type this post, the carolers are out singing their best Christmas songs. Most of them brought along their own instrument to make their songs even livelier. I glanced at the window and saw one of them playing with medium soft bassoon reeds. It sounded really good! The other caroler is using a saxophone. Awesome performance! Such a happy tune.

Excuse me for a while as I really wanted to watch their full performance. Believe it or not but it’s been a while since I last saw carolers singing like the ones outside our home right now. Be back in a bit. :-)

Happy Holidays once again!

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  1. Hope they kept up the merry tunes and that you captured the event with a few photos. I don't remember the last time we had carolers in my neck of the woods. It would be nice. :-)


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