Christmas Party Starts

This year, the company where my hubby works at (where I used to work at, too! ☺) decided not to hold their company-wide Christmas party so they could donate the funds to the typhoon Yolanda victims.  But to feel the spirit of Christmas at least, their team decided to just hold a simple Christmas dinner tomorrow before the holiday vacation starts. Hubby already bought a gift for their kris kringle. It’s so cute. I bet the person who’ll get it will like it.

Anyway, I think our neighbor has already started their Christmas party though (yes, early, right?). There’s a live band that’s been playing good music since earlier tonight. I think the base player is using Hao Pedals because the sound is so cool. However, I couldn’t really enjoy the music so much at this moment because the little one is currently sleeping and I’ve been worrying that he might wake up earlier than usual because of the loud music. You see, I’m currently cooking dinner (and blogging obviously! ☺) and the chicken that I’m cooking is far from boiling yet. Have to finish cooking so when hubby arrives later, the three of us can eat dinner together.
With that said, I gotta go back to the kitchen now before baby wakes up and before hubby arrives from work.

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  1. Having dinner with family is super nice, ganahan ka talagang kumain:) Haven't have our Christmas party yet..:) enjoy ur dinner Sis:)


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