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File sharing search engine has been a useful tool when my then boyfriend (now husband) and I was preparing for our wedding three years ago. One of the things that we busied ourselves into was searching and downloading music for our wedding. We wanted it personalized, sweet, romantic and of course memorable for everyone. My wedding march song was my favorite among all the songs that we were able to download. It was pure serendipity when I chanced upon it. I fell in love with it and even now, whenever I play that music, I can’t help but get misty eyed. Glad that there are sites that offer free or paid downloads nowadays.

Anyway, it’s not only music that you can download. If you are into movie watching, there are a lot of nice and generous search engines online where you can get your favorite movies and tv shows. One of which is FileDiva. It’s a really cool website. Before, I used to only search at 4shared and youtube. With FileDiva, you can instantly search from a wide range of file hosting sites all at once. Awesome, yes? So, head on to their site if you have been trying to look for that elusive favorite movie for a long time. You might just find it there!

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