Fun Time At Fun House

It was a wonderful time for the little one when we stayed and spent our time at Fun House in Walter Mart while we were waiting for his Tatay do some errands. Last time, Trev had the same experience when we went to spend some time at Tom's World before going to his pedia.

On both occasions, he absolutely had lots of fun playing with and driving the cars there.This time around though, I didn't bother buying him some tokens. I learned our lesson from our experience at Tom's World, haha! Anyway, our photo op was just as fun! :-)

Fun House at Walter Mart.

The little one trying to shoot the ball! :-)

Nakikiramdam kung sasakay ba siya sa carousel. :-p

Ay, naku, he loves this! He didn't want to stop "driving".

But this one is his hands down favorite during our stay. Our little policeman. Yes, that's a police motorbike.

Pakipot pa kanina, sasakay din pala siya sa carousel. Haha! :-)

Nakahanap ng kasabwat. These two boys were trying to figure out how they could get the balls out.

And yes, he wanted to get those minions, too!

Had several attempts to take a "selfie" shot with Trev, but as you can see, walang maayos na kuha. He was so excited he wanted to go down and play.

He saw this yellow car naman inside Fun House and as soon as it was vacated by the kid playing there, he instantly climbed and "drove" it. Haha!

It was such a happy time for the little man. And for me, too, actually. And we didn't even spend a single centavo. Glad that there weren't so many people playing at the time we were there. Di nakakahiyang magpicture saglit with the cars and stuff (since we didn't have tokens nga). Hihi!

We didn't stay long though as it was too noisy. But nonetheless, it was such a nice day!

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  1. It's so obvious that the little man is having a grand time! :D

  2. Enjoy talaga si Trev! :) My friends and I love to spend our free hours during lunch break at the arcade nung College. Ang saya! Kakamiss. ;)

  3. Trev is having so much fun at that arcade. My kids too love the arcade but I don't bring them there that often as it is expensive.

  4. Enjoy to the max ang little man.. Merry Christmas sis!


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