Missed Reunion

December is also a time for reunions, don't you think so, too? I received a message from one of my high school batchmates informing me that they're organizing a reunion for our batch this end of month. The last time I was able to attend our reunion was I think six years ago. And yes, it was also December then. It’s been ages since I last saw them. I remember during that time, we really had so much fun catching up with each other’s stories and experiences after graduation. There was a party also and everybody had a lot of fun dancing and singing to every tune. Good thing that one of our batchmates brought along his gemini cdmp 1400 at musicians friend.
Anyway, in as much as I wanted to attend this year’s reunion again, this time I just couldn’t. So, I declined the invitation. You see, I couldn’t just travel to the province these days for obvious reasons. I couldn’t leave Trev and Allan just like that, especially for a stay at home wife and mom like me (no helper or yaya). And even if we want to, the three of us couldn’t travel at the moment. We have so many things to take care of here in the Metro and our days are super busy.
I was thankful with my classmate’s invitation and at the same time, with her understanding. I know all my other batchmates would understand, too. Anyway, there’s always another chance. Who knows, maybe next time, they’ll organize a reunion where we could bring along our own families, too. :-) That would be awesome!

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