New Discovery: Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice

Barely three weeks ago, Trev suffered from colds. Although it was mild, I was worried because he rarely gets sick. Hindi rin siya mabilis mahawa but I don't know why, I guess he caught the bug from one of his cousins when we visited them days back before his colds started.

Anyway, I had no problems making him drink lots of water and making him eat fresh fruits and vegetables because he's never been a picky eater. He's also taking Vitamin C supplement daily. Also, I'm still breastfeeding him until now, yes and we're on our 26th month already (and counting! ☺). We went to his pedia for his immunization and consulted na rin about his colds. She advised water therapy (which I was already doing, of course ☺). No meds were prescribed, which I find no problem naman since di naman grabe sipon niya. Besides, I don't want to depend on meds when not really necessary. But being the worried mom that I am, I wanted to look for more ways than one to make him recover faster.

We were at the grocery the other week when I saw these 100% fruit juices. It says in the packaging that both have no sugar added and are good source of Vitamin C. Got interested so I bought these two flavors for my son to try.

Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice
Ceres and Apple & Eve 100% Fruit Juice. I forgot the exact price but they are a little over Ph20 each.

Trev had a taste of the Ceres juice the next day. I guess you can see from the photo below that he likes it, haha!

He also likes the Apple & Eve 100% fruit juice. I also had a little sip just so I know how both taste like. I thought kasi that since both are sugar free, it would taste too bland or too sour. But surprisingly, the taste was okay. 

As of this writing, I have already bought other flavors, too. He doesn't drink it naman everyday, paminsan minsan lang. So, I guess that's okay. :-)

By the way, he doesn't have colds anymore. It went away after a week. Hurray! Thank God!

Mommies, have you tried these 100% fruit juices for your kids, too? How was it? Have you had any other similar products to suggest? :-)

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  1. Glad to read that Trev is feeling better. He looks happy in the photos too. Love the shots. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  2. Yuri drinks juice every day! Actually, he drinks a lot of liquids everyday: water, juice, milk, breast milk. I'm sure nothing's wrong with making toddlers drink juice; like you, I also opt for the sugar-free juices. Ma-try nga yang brands na yan next time. :-)


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