One Afternoon Of Fun At The Mom And Me Fun Circuit (Round 2)

Two months ago, I blogged about our happy time at the Mom and Me Fun Circuit last October 5. Definitely, it was a one of a kind experience and my little one had so much fun and even met new play mates. But really, it didn't stop there. We had a part 2! :-)

When I saw from the Mom and Me Fanpage that they were having more activities designed for toddlers, I quickly checked it out. The activities were so interesting I can already imagine my little one enjoying and playing with other kids. I'm sure that it's loaded with exciting activities that kids will love. So, yes, I registered and got myself and Trev a ticket. (Of course, hubby was with us, too.) And I'm sure glad I did! It was a blast!

The activity was supposed to happen last November 9 but because of the recent super typhoon Yolanda, for the safety of everyone, Mom and Me postponed it on November 23. Just like the previous events, we had three activities during the entire afternoon which were all suited for kids ages 1 to 4:

1st stop: Art workshop at Mabuhay Restop
2nd stop: Parachute Time and free play at Gymboree Play and Music
3rd stop: Photoshoot at The Picture Company

My son Trev had an easy time adjusting when he saw many kids his age. There was no doubt that his favorite, and actually mine too, was their playtime at Gymboree. He had the best time playing basketball and he was so giddy when the teacher and her colleagues started blowing bubbles! He loves bubbles so it was a happy, happy time for him! Instant work out for me though! Kakahabol, haha! But nonetheless, it was absolutely SUPER FUN, really! I really wished we had more time there. :-)

Here were some photos during the event. 

* First of all, I would like to apologize for the poor shots. Our digicam can only do so much and is nearing its "bye bye" stage I think. Huhu. 

Mom And Me Fun Circuit

All aboard! Ready for some educational and exciting activities! Cool bus, yes? I thought I was riding an airplane, seriously! Haha!

First Stop: Mabuhay Restop 
The kids (and parents) had fun making animal masks. There was also a short drama play entitled "Hug". The stars of the play? Well, the kids with their masks. Hihi!

Mom And Me Fun Circuit

During our travel, while inside the bus, Ms. MJ of Mom and Me and her colleagues gave out items and giveaways for the raffle. Hubby also won, yipee!

Mom And Me Fun Circuit

Hubby won a Rebisco Giftpack which contains lots and lots of goodies like Bibibons, crackers, Hanzel, etc. Yummy! I won two raffles and one prize from the "Bring/Show Me" game. Got a Smart Steps Detergent Powder, Marvel mosquito repellent patches, Bite Block insect repellent lotion and 2 discount vouchers from Burger Company. Not in photo: Mom and Me also gave away Enercal Nutritional Supplement for adults in vanilla flavor. Hubby and myself got one each! Thanks so much Mom and Me and to your generous sponsors!

Second Stop: Gymboree
Before the afternoon of activities started, Ms. MJ asked everyone inside the bus which of the activities we're looking forward to. Almost everyone, including us, said, Gymboree. So, I guess everyone who joined will agree with me when I say that this was indeed the most favorite activity of the afternoon! The kids, even the parents/guardian, had a blast! Gymboree was loaded with lots and lots of activities. Story telling, blowing bubbles, parachute time, free play and more!

Mom And Me Fun Circuit

Mom And Me Fun Circuit
My happy little Trev! :-D

Third Stop: The Picture Company
We're suki of Pic-A-Boo studio. I've blogged about our photoshoots with them a few times already. But I've always been curious about The Picture Company. We just couldn't get the chance to go and visit them. So, when I saw that it was part of the Mom and Me Fun Circuit activities, I got so excited! At last, we were able to have our very first photoshoot with them. We have yet to get the free copy of our picture though. I'll show it here as soon as I can.

Mom And Me Fun Circuit
Trev playing while waiting for our turn at the studio.

Indeed, it was one memorable event full of entertaining and educational activities. There was no doubt that my little boy enjoyed the afternoon and as parents, my husband and I am so happy to see our son had fun with other kids and see him interact and play with them. Glad that there are events like the Mom and Me Fun Circuit that offers activities that both mom (& dad) and child can do together. It's really a one of a kind adventure! 

Again, thank you so much Mom and Me. To Ms. MJ, Ms. Anne, Ms. Roma and to all the other staffs, we appreciate your warm welcome and accommodation. Here's hoping for more fun activities in the future. :-)

P.S. Will try to post some vids here, too. For more photos, will upload it at the Joys Of A Wife and Mom FB Page soon. Stay tuned! :-)

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  1. Oh ang saya naman! I bet everyone of you enjoyed every minute there!

  2. Wow! Naka 2nd round na sila..Kami ni Mommy, wala pa..hehehe..Sobrang busy kasi..dami pa ding deadlines na hinahabol...

  3. Wow! Naka 2nd round na sila. Mommy, Matt and I wala pa..hehehe Dami kasing deadlines this coming week.

    allan (www.chemistdad.com)

  4. Ang saya-saya! Game na game si Trev ha! Sana meron din ganyan dito hehe.

  5. Looks like you had a blast! That's a great family bonding.

  6. The pictures look so great, everyone is having FUN ans saya siguro pag andun talaga sa event. Congratulations sis to the awesome prizes you guys won:)

  7. Whao.. must have had so much fun.. so fun having such mom and kid activity.

  8. Good family bonding, so much fun.

  9. Thank you Mommy Van! See you again next year! <3


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