The Boy Who Loves Cars!

... Cars and all sorts of vehicles!

The other day after doing some errands outside the house, the three of us went home with this:

We were at Walter Mart then and the toy section was on sale. This immediately caught my attention. Trev would love it! Good thing that it was on sale at a VERY cheap price. So, his loving Tatay bought it for him. Impulse buying, haha! Pagbigyan na, minsan minsan lang naman. :-P

The little one was so happy! Look!
Happy little boy. :-)

Time for some serious car racing here! :-P

Small, medium, large. Or should I say large, medium, small! Haha! The biggest is actually not Lightning McQueen. It's just a plush toy car, only that it looks somewhat like him. :-)

Here's a gif image of Trev playing with the fire truck. Yes, that's a card board from a cake. He got it and used it as an inclined platform for his cars. Haha! Smart kid.

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  1. I remember I have a cousin who's so in love with cars. Even the movie cars, he always like repeating it over and over again. :)

  2. Oh Sis. Ngayon ko lang nakita we have the same title for our post. Hehe... Our boys love cars. I ordered cars pillow from Dakki naman. I will wrap it as Matt's Christmas gift. I have been looking for car shoes kasi yun na lang kulang sa kanya. Hehe


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