Tortilla Pocket Bento

I am still doing bento daily. It's one of the things that I now enjoy doing. However, it's been a while since my last bento post. The pictures I captured daily are already gathering virtual cobwebs in my album. Haha! Been very busy with a lot of things lately! I'm not complaining though. It's more than a blessing for us.  :-)

Anyway, here were what I was able to come up with a few weeks ago. Yes, these were taken weeeeekks ago! Back logs! Hay. :-P

Clockwise from right:
  • Tortilla pocket with corned beef omelet and cucumber, tomatoes & apple filling, and maki sushi.
  • Fried chicken, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, shikai maki and maki sushi, rice with toasted sesame seed toppings.

  • Braised pork, boiled egg and rice with toasted sesame seed toppings.

  • Chicken in oyster sauce, boiled egg, a slice from my birthday cake and rice with nori toppings.

  • Longganisa, tamagoyaki, cherry tomatoes and broccoli.

  • Tortilla pocket with burger patties, cucumber and tomato filling.
  • Crab balls, heart-shaped boiled egg, maki sushi, rice with toasted sesame seed toppings.

Also made sandwiches for breakfast.

Hubby said that he likes the tortilla pockets. Yey!  
I still have pending bento posts coming up. Hope to post it as soon as I can. :-)

Happy weekend! 

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  1. WOW! ang sarap naman..Promise, next year Mommy and I will try making our own bento too. Thanks for the ideas by the way.
    allan (www.ourfamilyblogsabout.info)

  2. Malaki pala sis ung blue box ano. San mo nabili yun lunch box? Hehe

    1. yang two layer na blue lunch box sis, sa japan homes ko nabili. Ph88 lang, hihi! Yun namang white na lunch box, sa Landmark Trinoma, Ph80. Mura lang, sulit naman. :-)

  3. What I love about Bento Boxes is how much more appealing our food looks in them. Beautiful!

  4. you continue to amaze me with your bento-making skills. ang dami ring ideas from the net to help you be more creative. i'm sure your hubby always enjoys his boxful of delicious foods creative with love from scratch!


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