Vikings' Creative Christmas Decors

After visiting Trev's pedia last week for another shot of his immunization, we were greeted by these cute penguins in front of Vikings when we went down via the escalator from Healthway at SM The Block (we used the elevator going up kasi so we didn't see it ). Don't they all look adorable? Ang cute! 

Vikings' Creative Christmas Decors
Vikings' Penguin-Themed Christmas Decor.
What's even more amazing was, from afar we thought those are store-bought decors, but when we went near them to take some pictures, they were actually made from recycled materials! Cool, isn't it? 

Made out of water containers and drums. Galing!

Oh, hello there, little penguin! :-P

Penguin details were made using buttons!

They also used old fabrics and net sponges. Nice!

Aside from the materials mentioned in the captions above, they also made use of old and broken CDs for the frame. I'm not quite sure but from the looks of it, the "Merry Christmas" greeting on top was I think made from regular cut out paper or cardboard and then colored with blue crayon. The ice background was also made from either paper or cardboard and colored with blue crayon (or could be paint/water color), too.

Whoever created that design did an awesome job! It only shows that you don't really have to spend too much on Christmas decors. You can make something wonderful out of anything. You can always recycle, go green and contribute in taking care of Mother Earth. :-)

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  1. Yes! I think ganyan talaga style ng Vikings. Because when we were there, their Christmas decors were made out of old water and WINE bottles. Galing! By the way, is Trev still having shots? I know he's months older than Yuri eh, pero this month na ang last immunization namin. The next immunization would be when he's 4 na.

    1. Yes, sis. Trev is turning 26 months on Dec 26, pero meron pa rin siya shots eh. Sa January balik ulit kami sa pedia for another one. Pero sabi ni pedia niya, malapit na rin daw kami matapos, and yun nga ang next is when he's 4 na. :-)

  2. It is really nice and creative decor. My in-laws love penguin so much. I can see it almost everywhere in their house during Christmas. Cute naman ng pictures nyo!:)

  3. The broken cd's is a very good idea and very creative. Those penguins are cute.

  4. True, this s great idea. Recycled decorations are getting popular. In Sta. Maria they have a big Christmas tree made of pet bottles naman. This does not only make beautiful decorations but also helps the environment. I just hope that after using the decors, they will also keep it or re-use it otherwise if they still go to waste waley din di ba?

    Mommy Maye

  5. That's cute! I want to eat at Vikings and experience going to the place myself.

  6. ang cute nga.. Akala ko blocks yun...mga empty mineral water bottles pala. Very creative nga.
    allan (www.chemistdad.com)

  7. Pretty cool. Our capitol here also used recycled water containers as Christmas lamps.


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