Cable Channels That We Love

We love watching National Geographic Channel and Animal Planet. Sadly, when we moved in to our new home, we haven’t been able to watch it anymore. For one, we don’t have cable nor internet subscription here yet, haha! (I’m just using a prepaid stick to surf the net for the mean time while we are yet to get a subscription.)

Anyway, whenever we watch the said TV show, I have always wondered how the people behind it capture absolutely amazing shots. I have a guess that maybe they’re using Wildlife Camera because the stills and videos exhibit very detailed and awesome presentation.

We better get our cable and internet subscription soon. Uhmm, we were actually supposed to go today but unfortunately, something came up. Next time, next time. :-)

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  1. I used to watch a lot of TV, but I have a long list of TBR books kasi so I am trying to read more hehe. Pero I am so baduy ha hehe. I watch teleseryes sa ka-F

  2. waaahh.. i cant leave without an internet connection or cable tv.. hehe i love ETC and lifestyle channels :)


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