Chilly Sunday Morning :-)

It has been very cold these past few days, di ba? Ginawin pa man din ako, hihi! How ironic because laman ako ng bundok dati during my mountaineering days and nakakaya ko yung lamig dun. Ngayon, ewan ko ba.

Anyway, the only person here that's really enjoying the cool breeze is our little prince. Ako, ginaw na ginaw, siya naman pahirapan ang pagsuot ko ng jacket sa kanya. He wants to be in his sando lang. Sometimes, he agrees though. :-P

Last Sunday was the coldest so far, based sa pakiramdam ko, although everyday is very chilly talaga. The little one woke up really early and wanted to go outside. I didn't want to because nilalamig ako but he insisted. I allowed him, good thing he didn't remove his jacket and PJs. 

Aba, he had fun jumping and running and pointing to the birds, cats, dogs and plants outside.:-)

Here were some of his photos before he and his Tatay went out for a walk.


It's so nice to see him enjoying like this. Before we moved in to our humble abode, Trev never got the chance to do these things. Allan and I am really grateful for blessing us with a home we can call our own. Now, Trev has all the time and all the chances to enjoy the cool breeze, the sunlight and all else in between. Thank you, God!

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  1. It is really really chilly here in Baguio now. We hit 8.1 last Sunday

  2. He looks like he is having so much fun exploring his surroundings. It too has been more chilly then usual over here in Singapore too.

  3. Ang pogi naman ni Trev! You are one lucky mom sis! :-)

  4. Malamig din dito sa Panglao dahil sa lakas ng hangin at ang araw ay laging nakakubli. Pero ang mga anak ko gusto pa rin ng electric fan kaya naiintindihan ko si Trev. Mainitin ata talaga ang katawan ng mga bata.

    I'm throwing a super mini-thankyou-giveaway. You might want to join. Thanks!

  5. Super lamig nga ano. Dapat i-enjoy na natin ito since summer is near na. Pareho sila Matt and Trev. Ayaw din ni Matt magjacket pero pag sinabi ko he can't go out without wearing ayun mabilis pa sa alas kwatro na kukunin un jacket nya with his hat pa.

    Mommy Maye

  6. Its super cold din here! I'm wearing 3 layers of clothes to work. The lowest temperature here is gonna be tomorrow -9 degrees. Mahapdi sa mukha pag lumabas. I love your new abode. I wish makabili kami ng bahay dyan sa Pinas for vacation.:) Stay warm and drink some hot chocolate:)


  7. Im freezing na rin here in Baguio. I have been late to the office the last week because it was effin cold!

  8. I am just so loving the cold weather! Today, Metro Manila hit the coldest so far at 16 degrees C. Hope it lasts for quite sometime. :)

  9. It does look chilly in the photos but your son looks like he's having the fun of his life. You take great photos of him.. We have winter here now and I'm ready for spring...

  10. Wow, he's rocking that gray jacket ha. So cute! Ako din ganyan sa yo, nakabaluktot ako lagi kasi gusto ng mga bata naka electric fan pa. Haha.

  11. Nice shots you captured the moments! Mukhang nagustuhan ni baby ang cold weather :)


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