ENT Visit + Some "Free" Shopping Loots

Actually, it was not just a simple ENT visit. Here's the story.

Sometime last year, late November or mid December, I forgot exactly when, during Trev's pedia check up, we were informed by his doctor that Trev has impacted cerumen (ear wax) build up on both of his ears. Yes, in spite of my diligence in keep his ears clean since he was born. I was sad when I heard about it. We were advised to put this certain ear drops on both of his ears for one week to soften the cerumen. So, we did. On the fifth day, I noticed that whenever I tried to even lightly touch Trev's right ear, he would cringe and cry and wouldn't want me to touch it. Then, I knew he was in pain. I checked his ears and noticed that some parts were peeling. I got worried. So, I didn't continue the drops anymore and stopped on the fifth day, instead of his doctor's advice which is 7 days. We brought him to his pedia once again and asked why he was in pain. His pedia checked his ears and referred us to an ENT doctor, which fortunately, Healthway has, too. So we just transferred to the other room and waited for the ENT doctor to check our little boy. 

The ENT doctor said that the formulation of that ear drops is so strong that it's not advisable to use for more than 2-3 days because somehow "nakakasunog daw sa ears". That explained the peeling I saw on my son's ears 5 days after using it. Trev suffered from ear infection because of it that's why he was in pain. Good thing I stopped using it on him. Had I continued to follow his doctor's advise to use it for one week, maybe much worse could have happened, I don't know. I dread to even think about it.

Anyway, the ENT doctor prescribed another type of ear drops which, according to him, has some sort of antibiotics but can be used for more than 3 days, even a week if need be. It would help heal the infection. Although it has antibiotics, the formulation is gentle compared to the first ear drops that we used. He advised us to continue to use it for one week then go back to him so he could remove Trev's impacted cerumen. He gave us an option to suction it or irrigate it. 

Long story short, I diligently used the ear drops the ENT doctor prescribed on Trev's both ears and I noticed that whenever I touch his right ear, he didn't cry and cringe anymore. What a relief! I was so worried! 

We went back to the ENT's clinic. 

May "selfie" shot pa siya before we left to go to the doctor. Haha!

And his "OOTD" shot, too. Walang kamalay-malay what he's up to. At least, he's made me feel more relaxed. Panic mode na kasi ako.
Trev was crying the whole time but the procedure was so quick I was amazed. Using a special kind of syringe, the ENT doctor irrigated Trev's ears with water, combined with alcohol I guess and another solution which I forgot to check what. I think it was hydrogen peroxide but I'm not sure. I was holding Trev while hubby put a towel on Trev's shoulders. The ENT doctor simply sprayed the water on Trev's ears and amazingly, all his cerumen were flushed out! It was done in about 5 minutes ata! Ang galing! Trev was all good after that. Thank God! 

I was so paranoid during those times I thought Trev's hearing might get affected by what happened. I was even dreading that there would come a point that he won't be able to hear great sounds like the ones produced by an excellent acoustic ag30 amp. Good thing it was all good after that. God knows how worried I was during those times.

After our ENT visit, we went to KFC for lunch and went to the baby section of SM to buy Trev some stuffs.

Approved! Trev feels sooo much better now. Thank God!

Enjoying fries as if nothing happened a while ago.

Trev: Tatay, I want more fries, please. Thank you! :-P

Here were our loots. The best part was we didn't shell out a single centavo for this. We used hubby's SM Advantage card points and it covered everything. Nice!

This entire loot cost around Ph1,400 more or less. Hurray to SM Advantage card points!

What an experience! Allan and I are just really so thankful that the ear drops the ENT prescribed helped heal Trev's infection caused by the first ear drops. Frankly, I really regret using it but I was clueless of its bad effect since it was prescribed to us and we were given instruction on how to use it which I followed naman. Poor baby he had to go thru all that because of that first medicine. Anyway, God is good and my baby is okay again. That's all that matters now. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Glad to hear that Trev is OK now, I remembered my kids have same problem back then and it always worried me. Horray! to your FREE stuff using your rewards points:) Something you would really use. Great photos of Trev as well.:)

  2. Glad to hear that Trev is in good condition now.
    Last week, I bought some snacks at Savemore using advantage points too. Sabi nga ni Mommy, buti hindi daw ako nahihiya na i-redeem yung points ko as payment. Sabi ko, I also spend for that points kaya bakit ka mahihiya. hehehe

  3. Glad to hear Trev is already fine now. Wow! I love SM Advantage, I'm still thinking what to get next. I already shelled-out for set of party plates and a traveling luggage and I still have points left. hooray!

  4. It also happened to my daughter. The pedia also prescribe an ear drops but if I correctly remember it, I was only advised to use it for 3 days. Kamahal pa naman ng gamot na un :D

    Then the pedia also advised to drop few drops of baby oil on the affected ear then let the child lie down on her side with the affected on the top. I did it every other day and I just saw the ear wax getting out of the ear, as in buo.

    Good to know na okay na si Trev, masakit talaga yun.


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